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Two-year degrees: Another plan to raise tuition fees

As part of the mission for more flexible higher education, the UK government has announced plans to offer students accelerated two-year degrees. The cap for such courses will be increased from £9,250 to £11,100 a year. Students would take the same number of units and have the same amount of teaching and supervision, but degree courses would be delivered in one less year. Students would be expected to work more intensively through the year, with reduced holiday time to allow for a heavier workload. Will this initiative ease the debt burden on undergraduates?


A costlier option

If a two-year course were to take up 45 weeks a year rather than the standard 30 weeks a year, this could amount to a sizeable extra £1,350 maintenance loan per student per year. According to The Times Higher Education, the extra £5,550 tuition fee loan and the extra £2,700 maintenance loan could mean a bigger debt over the two years of more than £8,000 compared with the debt accrued by a student on a three-year degree.


The impact on mental health

The state of student mental health is a growing problem and two-year degrees are likely to exacerbate this situation. 50% of students say that financial worries have a negative impact on their mental health, and with fewer holidays and a more intense study schedule, the stress is likely to get worse, not better.


Compromise the learning experience

Compressing study into the shortest possible time is likely to impoverish the learning experience. Education needs time for thought and reflection and students cannot develop intellectually if they are under pressure to stuff facts into brains as fast as possible. Students would have far less time to think about, plan and write their assignments and will end up missing out on extracurricular activities or work opportunities if they have little spare time alongside studying.

The idea of increased flexibility in higher education is a good one; it is high time that we move away from the one-size-fits-all approach to university education and give students more choice and freedom over how they learn.

While two-year degrees may appeal to school-leavers as a way of saving a year’s tuition costs, they cannot be a feasible option for the demographics whose access to higher education is restricted. If you’re balancing employment and childcare with a full-time education, it’s unrealistic to squeeze any more into your schedule. In fact, the barriers to education may be put up even higher.

Refer a Friend Scheme

Here at Online Business School, we value friendship and reward loyalty.

Refer your friends, family members or colleagues to us and not only will they receive a £100 reduction on tuition fees, you will also receive a £100 referral bonus! 

The number of referrals you can make is unlimited so refer your friends today and start enjoying the benefits.


Follow these simple steps:

  1. Recommend one of our programmes to a friend, colleague or family member.
  2. Email your friend’s details to our Admissions Team so we can contact them. 
  3. Your friend will receive an email with more information about Online Business School and the courses on offer.
  4. They can speak to one of our course advisers if they’re interested in studying with us and would like to know more.
  5. Once enrolment has been confirmed, you’ll be eligible for your reward.


Terms and conditions:

  1. The Refer a Friend scheme is valid from 1st December 2017 until 31st December 2017.
  2. To be eligible to receive a referral code, you must be a current student or a graduate of an Online Business School programme. 
  3. To be eligible, the referred party must be a new contact for us. They must not have submitted any enquiry or application to Online Business School or have enrolled on a course before being referred.
  4. To qualify for the Refer a Friend reward, the referred party must enrol on a course over £995 and pay fees in a single transaction with no discounts applied. 
  5. Once all conditions have been met, the reward will be paid via bank transfer within 30 days of the Refer a Friend application approval. 
  6. There is no limit to the number of referrals made by referrers, provided that referrals are made to the referrer’s friends and family only and the referrer is not making the referrals in the course of business or as part of an organised marketing campaign.
  7. In the event of any disputes regarding the referral scheme, Online Business School retains the right to a final and absolute decision.

Student Blog: The many different ways of achieving your potential


“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

My name is Adam Gomes and I am a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant. My story starts just ten years ago when I started working as a receptionist in a local hospital in the NHS. Up until that point I had always wanted to be a police officer and believed I would end up in this career. Recruitment drives were always few and far between for the police so in between waiting for the opportunity I decided I would work in any role to get some money through the door. To gain experience I joined the Special Police Constabulary and then one day my big opportunity came up. The Police were recruiting again, I tried extremely hard and got to the very end of the process and unfortunately didn’t make the cut. I was gutted to say the least, I felt like my dream role had been snatched away from me.

I was down for a few days but my boss at the time called me into his office, sat me down and said to me ‘Now what’s next?’. I told him that I wanted to try again, and he suggested that I consider a career in health and safety as I was good with that on our site. I told my wife and she agreed and said weigh the two career paths up and see what you think. I went away and thought about what both had said and started considering what qualifications and experience were required to become a health and safety adviser. I then mapped out a 5-10-year career path plan and within a couple of months, I managed to get a place on a scheme where my company at the time would pay for a course. I decide to choose and carry out an e-learning Nebosh National General Certificate in Health and Safety. I really enjoyed this course and it opened up an opportunity to work in this area. After a while though I soon realised that the only way I could progress my health and safety education was to self-fund. Over the next 8 years I self-funded many courses at great expense in relation to time and finances. Most of the time if you are self-funding you can negotiate on the price, look for special offers or even get payment plans to make it easier.

I worked with a colleague though who was disgruntled at the fact that he felt he wasn’t progressing in his career and he believed that his employer should pay for more courses to help him. I told him about self-funding but to him the idea that he would have to spend his own time and money was outrageous. I appreciated his opinion and could understand where he was coming from but 8 years later he is still in the same role where I am pleased to say I have managed to move on. My thoughts on this are that yes it cost me a lot of my own money which I could have been spending on things like holidays etc and it cost me in time when I could have been off on adventures but without the work I put in I can honestly say I would probably still be doing the receptionist role, dreaming of joining the police.

Over the past 5 years I have noticed a trend in health and safety roles and this is that companies are merging these together with other roles. What started off as a H&S Manager now is normally anything from HSE Manger (Health, Safety, Environment) all the way to HSQEI Manger (Health, Safety, Quality, Environment and Information Security). I have tried to stay ahead of the game by carrying out qualifications in these areas and gaining experience through my work. This is what lead me to the Online Business School and the Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management. I think I am very well rounded in my HSQEI qualifications but I wanted to understand more about business. I believe that this is a crucial link to help understand why health and safety decisions are made in companies. The OBS course has aided me in understanding a wide range of business theories and topics which have helped me already see how a business works, marketing strategies used and ways of gaining more clients. I am currently carrying out my assignments and am really enjoying the course.

Nowadays I have two children and a third imminent, so I have very little free time which is another reason why I liked the OBS online course as I can do it as and when I can fit it in. I am hoping that once I complete this course I can do the online MBA and build upon my strategic health and safety skills.

Like the quote at the start I believe that if you are unhappy with your current situation then through realistic planning and hard work you can get to where you want to be and achieve your potential.

Graduate Testimonial: Gregg Matthews

Take a look at one of our graduate case studies to find out why students from all over the world have chosen to study at Online Business School.

Gregg started studying the Level 3 Diploma in Management in January 2017 and completed the course in an astonishing 6 months. The Level 3 Diploma is equivalent to 2 A-Levels, therefore Gregg was able to use his qualification to apply to study at university. He is now studying a degree at the University of East Anglia.


Why did you choose to study with Online Business School?

I chose to study with the Online Business School because I had been studying at my local sixth form and had become unhappy with the quality of the course content offered, and the level of challenge it presented me with. Therefore, with a future career in mind for the business sector and the determination to still make it to University I went about finding a course suitable for my needs, and I then found the Online Business School’s Level 3 Business Management Diploma, which was perfect for me.


How would you describe your experience of studying with Online Business School?

I would definitely say The Online Business School is a fantastic alternative to University Level studies, or in my instance, a way to get back on track and then complete an A Level equivalent course that upon completion provides you with a pathway to get into many different universities; I feel thoroughly prepared now to begin my degree at The University of East Anglia, and cannot thank the staff at Online Business School enough for their help and support. With their support and high-quality materials, I attained a Distinction overall and this was a proud achievement for me, as I move into the next stage in my career.


What did you like the most about the course with Online Business School?

I enjoyed the course as a whole. It presented me with a relative challenge that enabled me to express my knowledge in written assignments that were realistic to the business world and very varied. I found the different assignments interesting to undertake and the variety of tasks ranging from presentations to formal handouts meant that I was able to remain engaged throughout and enjoy what I was writing.


Are there any particular areas you believe we need to work on in order to create a better learning experience for our students?

I believe that the resources provided were excellent and fit for purpose. All of the help and support given was great too, from the admin staff through to the marker, so no, all was pretty perfect.


Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

I would definitely say The Online Business School is a fantastic way to either obtain a qualification that enables you to gain entry into many universities, or is worth considering as a university alternative. The pricing is flexible and offers payment plans for those who may not be able to pay all in one instalment and the assignments and support materials offered really give you the platform to do the best you possibly can in the course you are studying, with real life scenarios enabling you to put yourself in the shoes of someone in the real business world.


Graduate Testimonial: Catherine Tuhirirwe

Discover what Catherine has to say about her experience at Online Business School and learn how online learning can help to build your skills. 

Catherine started studying the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management in February 2017 and and completed the course in an astonishing 6 months. She is now looking to top up her qualification to a full BA degree at Coventry University.


Why did you choose to study with Online Business School?

It was flexible and fitted around my schedule. Their communication on enquiry was excellent and made me trust in their professional ability to provide the course.


How would you describe your experience of studying with Online Business School?

It was a challenging but enjoyable experience. Overall, I enjoyed the progression from one unit to another revelling in the fact that my personal input was helping me advance and this boosted my morale to carry on and finish the course.


What did you like the most about the course with Online Business School?

The ability to study at my own convenience and pace. Tutor support was always available when I needed it.


Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

My advice is that you must have a strict schedule for your studies so that you go through the course material and understand it. This will be beneficial when doing the assignments. The assignments required a great balance of course material knowledge and real-life implementation of this knowledge. Put in the study hours and you’ll see the results you are after.


What are your plans now?

I have recently applied to study the final year of the BA (Hons) Global Business Top Up degree at Coventry University London.


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