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How studying can improve your mental health

Many people underestimate the benefits of studying, some people may find it boring, repetitive, and stressful, particularly if you are studying something that you do not enjoy. However, if you choose to learn something that you are passionate about, studying can be a very enjoyable and positive experience, which can significantly improve your mental health.

Aims and goals

One major factor into why studying can improve your mental health is that it can give you goals to work towards. Whether this can be aiming towards a grade, completing an assignment, or learning a skill, having something to achieve and aim towards will give you purpose and help to make you feel valued. This will help to prevent or ease the effects of mental health problems such as depression, as lacking aims and goals can be a key cause as to how this issue can arise for people.

Brings focus

Another key benefit of studying is that it helps to bring focus and gives you something to concentrate your mind on. This will help to take your mind off of negative things going on in your head and will help to occupy your mind, which may be difficult in today’s society due to some people being furloughed and being unable to go about your everyday life due to COVID-19. So in a time like the present studying may be very beneficial to you and your mental health as it will give you something to focus on and again give you something to aim towards, which is where one of our courses could help you, as you can study what you want and whenever you want, which will help to provide aims and goals, but without the stress.

Helps to build confidence

Confidence is a huge factor that contributes to someone’s mental health. If you manage to build your confidence the feel-good chemical in the brain (dopamine) is released which makes you feel happy. Studying can help to build confidence through a variety of things. Whether this be achieving a better grade than expected or learning new skills, these will contribute to developing your confidence within yourself and will help to make you feel better about yourself, which will massively help to keep your mind healthy.

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