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Clearing 2019: Why It Isn’t the Be-All and End-All of Getting into University

Ahh, do you hear that? That’s right. It’s the sound of sweaty palms, pounding hearts and shattered dreams as it sinks in for many young people around the country that their A-level grades won’t cut it. It’s Clearing time. However, it’s not just the pimply and the fresh-faced who are dreading Clearing. Mature students returning to education are also dragging their heels on the process – but that’s only because they don’t yet know of the alternatives!

Mature students don’t always have it easy; at least not to begin with. The challenges faced by many often go unacknowledged by society, their family members and very often universities and their unbending admissions procedures. Unlike the aforementioned fresh-faced, naively optimistic youth, by the time mature students decide to take the university plunge, life has probably added a few extra hoops for them to jump through before they can officially enrol. Amongst other stressors, the universally dreaded Clearing process can often magnify their existing difficulties.

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