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How to make online learning work for you

Online study can be daunting, especially since in many cases it is the student’s first experience with distance learning. With this in mind, we have put together some useful tips to help you get the most out of online learning.

  1. Set aside time to study

Online learning students must take a more active role in learning than traditional students. As online learners have the flexibility to study when suits, it is a good idea to set aside a time frame for studying every week. Sticking to this schedule will make it easier to organise your studying and help you to become more disciplined.

  1. Create a study space

Where you study is just as important as what you study. Numerous studies have found that the place in which you study affects how you’ll remember that information. It can be helpful to have a space set aside to help you concentrate on your work – it must be comfortable, peaceful and full of natural light. If you can’t find an ideal space in your home, escape to the local library or an internet café.

  1. Find other students

It is a common misconception that distance learners study in isolation. The advancements in technology (forums, social networks etc.) have made it easier than ever for online learners to get in touch with other students on the same course. Connect with other students on your online course and exchange study ideas – collaboration often leads to great results.

  1. Focus on the end goal

When you’re struggling to motivate yourself, remind yourself why you chose to work towards this qualification. Is it for a new job, a different career or a promotion? Write down these reasons or make a vision board with images that represent how you feel about your aspirations. Look at them every day to remind yourself that each day is a day closer to your end goal.

  1. Reward your achievements

Rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated and keep your spirits high. Buy yourself a little treat when you reach milestones such as submitting work or passing an assignment – they will give you a sense of achievement and progress.

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