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How to enjoy learning

Learning is part of everyday life for humans. Whether or not we realise it, but we learn something new everyday and learning new things is a huge part of life for us as it allows us to grow and expand our knowledge, which allows us to develop. Learning happens in many different ways, whether that be through experiences in work, or the boredom of scanning through textbooks like it was back in school. Negative experiences of learning can put you off, such as the drudgery and mundane nature that formal education often inspires, and since learning is a huge part of development here are some ways that you can learn to love learning.

Do it in a way that you enjoy

As mentioned before there are a range of ways that we can learn, this can range from scanning through textbooks, to watching a documentary. The methods of learning new things are almost endless, so you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the way that you want to learn. Here is where you can explore different styles and find the one that is most effective for you. This will help you to appreciate studying as it will seem a lot less of an effort for you when you are enjoying the process of learning new material.

Find a motivation

Arguably before you find what you want to learn, most people consider why they want to learn. Learning opens many new doors, whether that be career enhancement or finding a new job, even earning more money, these are all the main motivators as to why people want to learn new things. So, find your motivation, as it is scientifically proven that if you have a personal goal your brain will be more motivated to achieving it. These aims do not just have to be career focused though, this could be things like learning a new skill, such as playing an instrument or a new language. So, it is important that before you decide what you want to you learn, decide why you want to learn.

Choose the correct thing to learn

Now you are past the stage of having to study 10 different subjects that aren’t relevant to you like back in the GCSE days, you now have the freedom to learn whatever you want, so take advantage of it. This freedom of choice though can almost give people too much choice, as picking a subject to study may come more naturally to some people than others. For example if you are moving to France you will more than likely need to learn French, whereas if you want to set up your own business it will be more valuable having comprehensive knowledge of your industry, than a qualification. So, work out what you want to learn by deciding what your end goal is and how this subject or area can help you to get there. Again, if you are studying something you enjoy your brain is more likely to be motivated to do it.

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