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Five trends that students might see in online education in 2017

Five trends that students might see in online education in 2017

Flexibility is often the most appealing factor of online learning, however it also makes education available to a wider audience. With more students of all ages enrolling on an online degree, technology has changed the face of education. Traditional classes have always been presented and targeted at a particular age group, whereas online classes are more inclusive and therefore available to the public, regardless of their age or other commitments.

Learning itself is continually evolving due to the ever-changing way in which technology develops and alters the way we access and consume information. Therefore, 2017 will see many trends in online education to cater to its audience.

More credentials – There has been an increase in the number of working professionals that are now pursuing an online degree from university, due to wanting to develop and broaden their knowledge or skillset. Therefore, institutions are recognising this and are using it to change and adapt their content and method of teaching. Instead of an online university degree, more institutions will offer online certifications and credentials which employers will use to train staff. Employees will be able to enrol in order to increase their qualifications and improve their skillset. These provided courses will be different to degrees and therefore require less of a commitment, making it easier to balance with full-time employment whilst also being a cost-effective route for employers.

Measuring performance – Institutions will begin to use data to measure and monitor student’s performance and progress throughout term. In the same way that data is used to tailor marketing campaigns, faculties will utilise data in order to tailor content and the way that is presented to students. Online learning allows institutions to measure things such as whether or not a student has logged in, which can help in deciphering whether or not an individual is on target. This access to data will also allow them to measure data in real-time whilst monitoring how a student performs in assignments and therefore assist their learning accordingly. This not only ensures that students are being offered the right support but also that their learning is altered to ensure that they are fully understanding information.

Specialist subjects – Online education improves accessibility and therefore allows students to gain exposure of countless courses. However, there will be an increase in the amount of specialised courses that are offered in order to cater to areas that are lacking a specific skillset. For example, a demand for nursing skills could lead to an increase in niche courses to teach these skills and therefore fulfil this gap in the job market. Courses will be more focused and tailored to the job market and therefore have a positive socio-economic impact.

Utilising artificial intelligence – In the same way that products such as Apple’s Siri operate using artificial intelligence, this technology will also be incorporated into teaching. For example, if a student has a generic question about a topic, they are able to converse and receive answers without the presence of an instructor. This not only helps to reduce cost but also ensures that students receive answers in real-time. By embedding these into courses, it will reduce the faculty’s responsibility and allow content to be presented in various ways. With users already becoming dependent and accustomed to this means of gaining information, it will be an easy transition for students.

The experience of gaining an online degree from university will be a more inclusive experience with the responsibility shifting from faculty to student. This not only creates a more engaging and overall beneficial experience for the student but ensures that they are still learning and retaining the information in a way that they are already accustomed to. As technology becomes more integrated into society, teaching will utilise this and therefore be more experimental in presenting information to students. With almost everyone owning some sort of electronic device, institutions will utilise this by ensuring that they continue explore innovations in teaching.

How to find the right online degree course

With countless online learning degrees available, choosing and committing to just one course can often be an overwhelming experience. However, there are some important factors that you should take into consideration before deciding, which not only helps to narrow down your choices but also ensures that you have taken everything into consideration. Although the process can be daunting, it is essential for you to consider how exactly the course can help you as well as future prospects. Here are five integral questions that you need to ask before choosing:

1. Will the course help with my career?
Committing to a course requires a lot of time and money, therefore you need to be certain that it is ultimately going to be beneficial and worthwhile. The course should broaden your career prospects and help you gain knowledge about the industry in which you wish to work. It is important to take some time to look through the modules and topics that are provided in the course information to ensure that they are both relevant and helpful. The course should provide you with an advantage and guide you to where you would ideally like to be.

  1. Can you afford the online degree?
    Courses can be expensive so it is crucial to compare and measure costs in order to ensure that everything is affordable. Although there are countless grants and loans available, such as a student loan, it is important to decipher whether or not you are able to fund the course before applying or enrolling. Online courses often have costs for materials such as books, so be sure to include the cost of these when comparing with other programs.
  2. Is it an accredited institution?
    You need to make sure that the institution has high academic standards and will provide you with the best possible quality of education. If you are going to be investing your time and energy into a course, you need to be able to ensure that it is not only worthwhile but that you are gaining the most out of your education. Institutions should have academic accreditation and it is essential to look out for these.
  3. Are you able to transfer professional certifications or existing course credits?
    If you already hold course credits or certifications, it makes sense to use these as a foundation to build on. This can also help to reduce the length of your course and ensure that the online degree will enrich and broaden your existing knowledge. Being able to transfer course credits can also impact the cost of the course and therefore you may find that you are paying less than you originally thought.
  4. How is this course going to help in building your professional network?
    It is a good idea to carry out some research to find out how the online degree will be able to help with your professional network, whether that is through contacting teachers to enquire about how you will be interacting with them or looking at what is already available on platforms such as LinkedIn. With the availability of social media, it is now possible to connect with people from all over the world. You may also find it useful to search for existing online communities to see how they interact and share information. They can also help to answer questions and advise you.

Asking these questions will help you to finalise your decision and will ensure that you are considering all of your options. An online learning degree should be able to help you build a successful career through enriching your knowledge and providing you with the skills to become more employable. It is important to carry out research and choose the right course to ensure that you are building the best possible future for yourself.

Why You Should Choose A Business Degree

Business graduates are one of the few graduates that are in high demand all over the world. With a statement like that, it’s enough to send aspiring university goers clamouring towards the university of their choice to study a course involving business. And it’s true; business degrees are universally in demand. The question is, just why are business degrees so highly coveted?

Starting with the basics; a degree alone makes a candidate far more appealing to a potential employer. It shows they have spent their time and energy focussed on one or more topics over a set period of time and strived to achieve a qualification. It shows that they can manage their time and work alone or as part of a group to reach a shared goal. An online degree with the Online Business School (OBS) combines written assignments and module tests ensuring that students are not just memorising information; but improving their communication skills and also developing their writing skills.

Many courses that are offered at universities tend to focus on that one subject. Students delve deeper and deeper into the course without a real idea of how that will apply in the working world. Yasmin Dees says, ‘My degree in Mathematics fulfilled my interest in maths, however it didn’t really prepare me for employment. Some of the things I do on a day-to-day basis now are so far away from my degree.’ With a diploma in business management, this needn’t be an issue. Business Management diplomas focus on key concepts and a range of management procedures required to work within a business. The tasks that students complete will remain relevant throughout their career. When an employer sees the words ‘Business Management Diploma’ on a CV, they instantly recognise that the candidate has good knowledge of what is required from them and will be more inclined to make them a member of their team.

As more and more business make the transition to go online, students with an online business diploma will be in a highly privileged position. Since their diploma has been studied online, they will already have good working knowledge of technology. As they have studied business management, they will also have learned people management skills in tandem with business functionality. The skills that they possess will ensure they are not tied down to one specific area of business. Those that have studied business management can be flexible in their role; making business management a highly esteemed course choice.

At any stage of a career, a business diploma is guaranteed to freshen up your chances of promotion. If you are already in employment and feel almost as if you are in stagnant role, an online business diploma could be a valuable investment. At under £1000 with the OBS, it may not feel like a huge investment however once your employer realises that you have committed to bettering your career prospects, your employee standings will have gotten just that little bit higher.


Which Degree Is Best For You

If you’re exploring a second degree, a postgraduate course or you haven’t already got a degree, it can be difficult to choose one that will fulfil all your needs.

Obviously the subject is important.  If you’re returning to study to enhance your career the choice of subject must be relevant to your planned career path, but there are so many options and awarding bodies it can be difficult to know which is best.

Here’s a guide for what you should look for to ensure you end up with a respected qualification:

OFQUAL: This is the UK Government body for academic standards in higher education.  The OFQUAL accreditation reassures you that the learning materials meet rigorous quality standards and the certification is recognised in the UK.

Awarding body: There are a number of awarding bodies both in the UK and internationally.  If you’re planning to include overseas assignments in your career progression it’s important to consider whether the awarding body will be recognised in other countries.  This is one of the reasons we chose to work with ATHE as they are internationally known and accepted.

Transfer options: In many cases, if you start study with one organisation, the credits you gain are not transferable to other courses.  If you don’t complete their programme you have to start all over again.  Choosing a study option that allows you to transfer to on campus or another alternative is important.

Quality assessment: You’ve almost certainly heard that it’s possible to buy a degree – without doing any work.  This is not advisable as sensible employers are suspicious of anything they don’t recognise.  Whichever learning body you choose should offer a rigorous quality assessment process for the learning materials and examination process.  That’s why we have a Quality Monitoring Board of academic and business people who have an invested interest in ensuring all our programmes are high quality and that the certification process is transparent.

It can be tempting to find a short cut, but short cuts usually end up being poor quality.  Any decent Human Resources department will know which qualifications are worth having and which are low quality and not worth having.

You’ll feel a much higher sense of achievement when you receive your pass certificate if you know that it’s the best you can get.  Your future career depends on it.

Online Business School is at the forefront of online education. Based in Coventry, it is dedicated to helping Students from all corners of the world attain an undergraduate Degree or postgraduate MBA for less than £5000. With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, Online Business School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.


Why Choose An Online Degree/MBA Programme

There was always that one student in your class that was way ahead of the rest. They’d be scrambling to answer questions and it seemed like they knew it all. On the contrary, there was also the student who wasn’t quite keeping up with the class. Keeping a low profile, they completed just enough work so as not to draw any attention. Now, wouldn’t it be better if education was a personalised programme that a student could complete at their own pace?

With distance learning programmes, a student can do just that. For Ruth, an online education was the best decision she ever made. ‘I never wanted to go to university and I didn’t have that much interest in education. When I started my career, that’s when I knew I’d need a degree to help me progress.’ In Ruth’s case, it was the flexibility that online learning provided that made it stand out above the rest. ‘I could complete a day at work and then come home and work through a topic at my own pace.’ With the learning material placed online from the moment you sign up, a distance learning programme allows you to choose the pace you want to go at; whether you want to be the student ahead of the class or just coasting along.

Many other students who have taken an online diploma have also cited the variety in resources as another advantage. A distance learning programme completed online enables you to cross reference numerous sources all at the click of a button. You get to make the course your own as you carry out your own research and come to your own conclusions. Most importantly, without the presence of a teacher in the class alongside you; the conclusions you come to are reached entirely on your own, free from any influence, these can then be reviewed by your tutor on completion. Thom Lieu, a student with the Online Business School says, ‘I found it really refreshing to be away from the controlled environment of a classroom. I felt free to think and am enjoying my degree much more than I thought I would.’

Furthermore, a common perception now is that a degree completed later on in life can be more beneficial to the student and their career. Whether this is a distance learning programme or otherwise, the reasoning behind this could be that a student makes a more informed decision. Rather than selecting a degree simply because it is what everyone else is doing; degrees later on in life allow you to decide what career path you enjoy and would like to pursue and then complete the degree that will propel your career. Since you’re learning while you work, the information you study is at the forefront of your brain ready to be used when required. Many traditional university students often find that the material they have learned whilst at university is a distant memory.

A standard degree may not be the most practical or economical at this stage in life and that’s where a distance learning programme stands above its competitors. It provides a much more affordable method of learning for students; one that you need not see on your pay slip for your entire working career.

Why A Degree Is Still As Important As It Once Was

‘If it wasn’t for my degree, I’d still be doing the same job as I was doing seven years ago,’ quips Alison Green from the Online Business School. If you’re wondering whether a degree is still worth the hassle, recent statistics confirm that graduates can expect to earn more over their lifetime compared to those without a degree. To be able to get a degree, it also doesn’t necessarily mean going back to the classroom and sitting through hours of teaching.

The importance of a degree comes not only from the certificate handed to the graduate at the end; it is a culmination of the skills that are borne from hours of assignments, coursework and exams. A first year student that begins their university degree is in many ways different to the one that finishes the course; they are molded into a professional that is ready to start employment. The degree received in the end however, is a testament of a student’s will and determination. Upon seeing this degree, an employer has a clear idea of what their employee is capable of and what they have already achieved. When the time for a promotion rolls around, an employer will immediately think of those with a degree first and foremost and they will be given the opportunity for growth. That’s not to say that someone without a degree is not in line to get a promotion, they simply have to work harder to prove their skills and ability.

How online learning can make your career

A degree does not have to be something that you end up paying for the rest of your working life. With an institute like the Online Business School (OBS), you could study towards an undergraduate degree at less than the cost one year at a university. You could also top up your existing degree with a universally recognised MBA online. You may already be working at a job that you enjoy and you could pick a degree that is related to your career path. This will equip you with the tools to progress into a position which is more demanding. It need not be painful either; Online Business School ensure that any study for their distance learning can be completed on any smart device. So you may well be tucked up in bed or commuting to work whilst gaining the extra skills you need to excel.

Important aspects of distance learning

‘For me, the most important factor was to ensure that I stayed motivated during my diploma,’ says Simon Worth, studying the Level 7 diploma in Strategic Management with the Online Business School. Sure, online degrees may be affordable and provide quality content however a student must make sure that they maintain focus throughout. A good online education will be one which meets the need of its students. With the OBS, the hardest part will be to decide which course to choose!

Why Learners Are Prioritising Online Classroom Over Traditional Classroom

The next time you’re considering further education, you might want to look towards an online degree. Far from being seen as a lesser degree than those provided at traditional universities, the way a degree is obtained no longer bears any weight on an employer’s decision. As employers search for more skilled graduates, the general consensus is that online degrees may equip you better than you think.

Online versus the classroom: why an online diploma is starting to come out on top

Online education providers now include as part of their services websites and apps that ensure a student can study on the go or between flicking through their favourite social media apps. So when a student completes a course, for instance, an online diploma in information technology, this means they have disciplined themselves to ensure they maintain their focus on their study. With the vast temptation that social media can provide; you can see why an employer would prefer someone who has studied online compared to someone who has sat in a classroom and spoon fed their course topics. They have withstood the allure of checking Snapchat to better their own prospects. A mindset which is more inclined to learn is far more valuable to an employer.

With an online diploma, students are bound to miss out on the interaction they would typically get from a traditional university. That’s why many online diploma providers include student forums that students can use. A forum can end up being more beneficial for students as it has a shared motive: education. Students can engage with one another whilst also discussing their latest assignment; something they would rarely get from a traditional university setting. Whilst being online, students can compare and contrast different sources of information and develop their critical analysis skills without even being aware.

How to choose the right online IT training for you

Online training needs to be from a reputable source to ensure employers value the degree you have. Do your research and pick the one that is right for you. Salma, who is studying for an Online Diploma in IT with the Online Business School says, ‘I needed an online education provider who appreciated me as a student. That’s why I chose the Online Business school since they have 24-hour support and a student forum.’ Online schools that provide additional support ensure that a student has all of the tools they need to excel.

What stands out to hiring managers on your CV

Your CV is your representative that you send to a potential employer. A CV must highlight your best qualities and show an employer you are the perfect match for the job they are hiring for. Therefore you must ensure that your CV is tailored to the particular job you are applying for and not sent en masse. Keep it brief and endeavour to include contemporary keywords that will be sure to leave an impact on the employer reading. Finally, the more CVs you send out, the better your response rate will be.

Online Education: A Young Person’s Retreat

For many of those searching for employment, having a degree can be the difference between getting a call back and being rejected. Similarly, with the cost of a traditional degree soaring, more and more students are flocking towards an online degree that can be obtained at a fraction of the cost. Of these students opting for online programmes, it seems that the majority of them tend to be at a younger age than previously expected.

What is the appeal of online study?

  • Put simply, online education providers have fewer overheads than traditional universities and can afford to put an incredibly low price tag for their courses. Lucy, currently studying a Business Management course with the Online Business School (OBS) states, ‘I was really keen to get a degree so as to open up my options for employment. Once I began looking at tuition fees, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it. However, with OBS, I will have the option to go on and achieve a degree in Business Management for no more than £5,000.’
  • Being able to access the material as and when required also plays a huge role in contributing to the rise of online education. Students need not rely on the pace of their course leader and the students around them to determine how quickly or slowly they progress. An online education means that students can manage their own learning based on their own availability.
  • Freedom to compare – Often in a classroom the set of notes a teacher provided would be the only source of information that a student has to refer from. With online education, a student can cross reference and compare different sources of information from all over the world as part of their study, creating a better understanding of that which they are learning.

Why does this attract younger students?

Younger students tend to have a greater online presence than their older counterparts. This can be down to social media where most of their hours are spent. With online courses having their material available in a similar format, it is a natural progression for younger students to flick between Instagram and their study material and back, with ease. The OBS in particular have an app that can be downloaded on many smart phones and tablet devices which makes studying more appealing.

The sheer nature of online study also draws in younger students. Study material can be accessed from home, whilst in bed or even whilst in transit. If a particularly busy weekend is coming up, students can devote the weekend beforehand to making sure they are on task and up to date. The appeal of not having to attend set class times at 9:00AM can be a welcoming thought and as recent reports suggest, a reality for thousands of students.

Courses available

There are many courses that are available online; IT and Business being at the forefront. With Online Business School, levels 4 and 5 in IT and Business can cost as little as £1000 ensuring that you always can get the career you aspire to have.

Online learning: How technology is encouraging learners to stay connected?

As we reach the middle of 2016 online learning is becoming more prominent with the popularity and access growing rapidly. There are many benefits that come from Online Learning please click here to see a previous blog of these benefits.

The rise in Online Learning is now appealing to large corporates. Corporates have started to introduce the scheme for their employees to start an online degree. Companies such as Starbucks have now started to offer this which allows  the company to retain employees throughout the completion of the course. The corporations hope that this will make their workplaces more attractive to employers and also aim is to help less skilled employees to gain a degree.

Online Learning has become the new way to gain your degree without all the costs and hassle associated with the traditional degree route. Online learning is a lot more flexible than a normal traditional degree. You don’t have to physically attend a lecture, you don’t have to battle that morning commute, there’s no having to go all the way into campus to hand in your work. Everything is done online including all lessons and all submissions.

Some students feel as though if they study online they won’t have any help and almost feel like they are alone. That is definitely not the case, and with OBS we make sure you are not alone in your journey. There is an interactive social forum which can be used to ask any questions to other students who are completing the same course.

Online Business School support is also available for students around the clock, if any student needs help with work they can request a one on one study session with a tutor at any time. This may help the student feel more comfortable and feel as though they are being assisted as much as they can be throughout their course. We also have our live chat facility on the website which is manned by the OBS team 24/7.

The Online Business School continues to grow daily, not only with the students enrolling with us, but with the technology we are making available to students. Online Business School try their best to give students everything they need to comfortably and successfully complete an Online Degree qualification. The release of the new App is an example of this, not only is this learning from ‘Home’, it’s now been made possible to learn on the move.

To download our app on iOS click here and for Android click here

For more information please visit our website

Learning online, could it save you thousands?

Like many people worldwide, going to University is something they feel they can’t achieve as they can’t afford the fees. The thought of having the debt that is associated with University and supporting themselves throughout their time there is often the most important reason for students not pursuing their degrees/MBA’s. Squeezing in a part time job around your full time study just doesn’t seem appealing to some people. No matter how much they want a degree or MBA they feel as though this is not a realistic approach.

Now you can gain the exact same degree at a fraction of the cost. We have come up with 5 reasons as to why Online Learning helps students:

  1. Why pay up to £27,000 just for tuition costs when you can get a degree or MBA for £4,000 with Online Business School? Come out with a UK degree without all the associated debt.
  2. There is no need to waste three years completing your degree, when this can be done online in half the time .Get your degree faster than those at University allowing you to start looking straight into the career you have dreamt of.
  3. You can maintain a full time job whilst studying, which means it won’t affect your earnings.
  4. One to One tuition from a qualified tutor. You will never feel isolated or short of advice and help with online learning. You can request help at any time via our bank of tutors and you can also use the student forum to connect with your peers. Online Business School offer 24/7 assistance.
  5. Interactive bitesize modules for all – Modules have around 40 guided learning hours of material which includes text, interactive videos and engaging tasks. This prevents learning becoming tedious, keeping the material fresh making sure we have the latest activities and video footage within the modules.

You now have the opportunity to get an affordable degree/MBA with Online Business School for 60% of the cost. Please note OBS are one of the UK’s cheapest Online Learning providers. This is why we have over 5,000 students worldwide and why we are growing on a daily basis. This could be the next career opportunity for yourself! If you need any more information on gaining a UK degree or MBA for just £4000 with Online Business School, please click here.

We understand if this is still not possible for you in one payment. We offer a payment plan for students to pay the fees monthly, if you would like more information on the payment plan we email [email protected]