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Why Learners Are Prioritising Online Classroom Over Traditional Classroom

The next time you’re considering further education, you might want to look towards an online degree. Far from being seen as a lesser degree than those provided at traditional universities, the way a degree is obtained no longer bears any weight on an employer’s decision. As employers search for more skilled graduates, the general consensus is that online degrees may equip you better than you think.

Online versus the classroom: why an online diploma is starting to come out on top

Online education providers now include as part of their services websites and apps that ensure a student can study on the go or between flicking through their favourite social media apps. So when a student completes a course, for instance, an online diploma in information technology, this means they have disciplined themselves to ensure they maintain their focus on their study. With the vast temptation that social media can provide; you can see why an employer would prefer someone who has studied online compared to someone who has sat in a classroom and spoon fed their course topics. They have withstood the allure of checking Snapchat to better their own prospects. A mindset which is more inclined to learn is far more valuable to an employer.

With an online diploma, students are bound to miss out on the interaction they would typically get from a traditional university. That’s why many online diploma providers include student forums that students can use. A forum can end up being more beneficial for students as it has a shared motive: education. Students can engage with one another whilst also discussing their latest assignment; something they would rarely get from a traditional university setting. Whilst being online, students can compare and contrast different sources of information and develop their critical analysis skills without even being aware.

How to choose the right online IT training for you

Online training needs to be from a reputable source to ensure employers value the degree you have. Do your research and pick the one that is right for you. Salma, who is studying for an Online Diploma in IT with the Online Business School says, ‘I needed an online education provider who appreciated me as a student. That’s why I chose the Online Business school since they have 24-hour support and a student forum.’ Online schools that provide additional support ensure that a student has all of the tools they need to excel.

What stands out to hiring managers on your CV

Your CV is your representative that you send to a potential employer. A CV must highlight your best qualities and show an employer you are the perfect match for the job they are hiring for. Therefore you must ensure that your CV is tailored to the particular job you are applying for and not sent en masse. Keep it brief and endeavour to include contemporary keywords that will be sure to leave an impact on the employer reading. Finally, the more CVs you send out, the better your response rate will be.

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