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Why Choose An Online Degree/MBA Programme

There was always that one student in your class that was way ahead of the rest. They’d be scrambling to answer questions and it seemed like they knew it all. On the contrary, there was also the student who wasn’t quite keeping up with the class. Keeping a low profile, they completed just enough work so as not to draw any attention. Now, wouldn’t it be better if education was a personalised programme that a student could complete at their own pace?

With distance learning programmes, a student can do just that. For Ruth, an online education was the best decision she ever made. ‘I never wanted to go to university and I didn’t have that much interest in education. When I started my career, that’s when I knew I’d need a degree to help me progress.’ In Ruth’s case, it was the flexibility that online learning provided that made it stand out above the rest. ‘I could complete a day at work and then come home and work through a topic at my own pace.’ With the learning material placed online from the moment you sign up, a distance learning programme allows you to choose the pace you want to go at; whether you want to be the student ahead of the class or just coasting along.

Many other students who have taken an online diploma have also cited the variety in resources as another advantage. A distance learning programme completed online enables you to cross reference numerous sources all at the click of a button. You get to make the course your own as you carry out your own research and come to your own conclusions. Most importantly, without the presence of a teacher in the class alongside you; the conclusions you come to are reached entirely on your own, free from any influence, these can then be reviewed by your tutor on completion. Thom Lieu, a student with the Online Business School says, ‘I found it really refreshing to be away from the controlled environment of a classroom. I felt free to think and am enjoying my degree much more than I thought I would.’

Furthermore, a common perception now is that a degree completed later on in life can be more beneficial to the student and their career. Whether this is a distance learning programme or otherwise, the reasoning behind this could be that a student makes a more informed decision. Rather than selecting a degree simply because it is what everyone else is doing; degrees later on in life allow you to decide what career path you enjoy and would like to pursue and then complete the degree that will propel your career. Since you’re learning while you work, the information you study is at the forefront of your brain ready to be used when required. Many traditional university students often find that the material they have learned whilst at university is a distant memory.

A standard degree may not be the most practical or economical at this stage in life and that’s where a distance learning programme stands above its competitors. It provides a much more affordable method of learning for students; one that you need not see on your pay slip for your entire working career.

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