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What Makes a Successful Online Learner?

With more students opting for online courses over conventional learning, the idealistic perception of online learning is leading to a number of students failing due to not possessing the right skills. In order to ensure success, individuals should hold the following skills before choosing to pursue online learning:

Time Management

This is arguably the most fundamental skill because you will not be handed a prearranged timetable. Online learning requires you to devise and adhere to your own study schedule and you must therefore be willing to plan out your learning and use your time efficiently. Online learning involves having to create check-lists and being proactive. You will be responsible for reviewing your syllabus and allowing for enough time to complete your assignments.

Be Self-motivated

Without the constant enthusiasm of your peers around you, it is common for students to quickly feel isolated and de-motivated. Online learning requires you to be a self-starter, you need to be able to motivate yourself to study and follow your timetable even in the midst laziness. It is easy to fall behind so you should have a constant reminder of why you are pursuing the course to keep you going.

Persistence and commitment

Some modules are going to be more interesting than others and it is essential for you to be able to persist with those that are not. It is also inevitable for you to face obstacles throughout the learning process such as technical difficulties, you must be able to remain committed and persist with your study schedule to ensure that you are up to date with your learning. Whilst online learning can offer flexibility and freedom, you need to be committed and self-disciplined.


All of your communication is going to be written so it is highly advised for you to be able to express yourself through writing. Online schools will provide you with the tools to communicate with teachers; however you must be able to convey ideas and questions through the written word. For example, you may need to clarify an element of a topic before proceeding with an assignment and although your teacher wants you to succeed; it is difficult for them to help you without being able to fully comprehend the issues that you may be facing.

Be Computer Literate

Due to the course being online, you will need to be able to navigate your way through a computer. You may be required to use the internet to search for something, or be able to download software. Although a majority of online schools will offer some sort of orientation to teach students how to use their online tools, they will not cover the more basic skills and it is therefore up to you to familiarise yourself with these.

Reading Skills

All forms of learning will involve some level of reading and you should therefore be comfortable with reading through information and being able to comprehend ideas. Online courses are often recommended to people who find it easier to understand and learn through reading, so if you find that you learn better through presentations and by listening to lecturers, this route may not be for you.

If you feel that you encompass a majority of these skills, then you may want to consider applying for one of the online degrees offered by the online business school.

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