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What is it really like to study towards an MBA with OBS?

Joseph Wright, agreed to be interviewed by OBS on his experience studying with us, he works as Finance manager for small insurance business based in London, is 34 years-old, married with two young children and lives in Essex.

He originally went to a College to study History but decided it wasn’t for him, and dropped out within a few months of starting. A few years later Joseph heard about Online Business School and started taking the undergraduate (level 5) OBS modules via distance learning in the evenings after work.

We asked him a few questions on his experience of studying with Online Business School:

Course: Undergraduate Extended Diploma in Management (Undergraduate Pathway)

‘The level of tutor support and revolutionary peer to peer learning available on the Online Business School (OBS) learning environment is exceptional with dedicated one on one support throughout the whole course. The online library of eBooks offered by OBS is also second to none. My overall learning experience so far has been very positive and I would like to thank all the OBS tutors and staff for their support.’

Why did you choose to do the undergraduate pathway programme?

I chose to enrol on the undergraduate pathway programme after coming across an advert from Online Business School regarding distance learning. The surprisingly easy to use nature of the OBS website, along with a detailed pathway and a comprehensive list of university articulation routes is what initially attracted me, also the price means I can get a degree for less than £4000.

How do you feel you will benefit from studying for this qualification both professionally and personally?

Reflective practice is a huge aspect of the undergraduate Programme and I have been continually encouraged to reflect upon my practices and challenge myself within each module of the course. The impact is huge; I know feel I would be able to construct a firm business plan which would be able to stand up to the most critical scrutiny.

Understanding and applying content learnt in ‘The Business Plan’ and ‘Strategic Management’ modules for example, has also enhanced my effectiveness in my role at work and continues to contribute to my personal development.

What do you find most rewarding about studying this course?

The most rewarding aspect of studying the OBS pathway is the desire to succeed and the self-belief that obtaining a degree is not something out of my reach. Not only do I enjoy the interactive activities included within modules, but also all the external web links that showcase examples of real life applications of core theories learnt within the modules.

How would you describe the support offered by tutors and other learning resources?

Distance learning can be a daunting prospect to someone who has never experienced it before. The OBS virtual learning environment is almost as good as being in the classroom, if not better! The learning environment allows me to engage and interact with other students and tutors within modules and through the OBS social forum.

Tutor support is of a very high standard, one to one support is available whenever I require it. The eBooks and videos also compliment my learning and reassure me that I am not alone; I am part of a large online learning community.

What tips do you have on fitting your studies around your outside commitments including work, family etc?

One of the advantages of the distance learning OBS programmes is that they are very flexible and enable you to study from the comfort of your own home on your PC or tablet. Taking charge of your own learning is important; I would recommend students to produce their own study timetable to meet their own deadlines and plan ahead! The Great thing about these programmes is you can pick them up and put them down at a time that suits you.

How much did it cost you?

I paid £740 for full undergraduate extended diploma in management course, there are various options available to me about which university to study at on completion of the OBS course, I am still undecided on whether I want to study on campus or by distance learning, but I know this will cost less than £3000, in light of this I am anticipating this to cost Less than £4,000 in total. Whichever route I finally decide to take the price is extremely competitive, meaning I am not left with huge student debts.

There is also an option to purchase a five or ten modules at a time if you don’t want a big financial outlay all at once.

Would you recommend your course to others?

I would recommend this course to any student wishing to commence or further their academic professional development. The knowledge I have acquired so far from studying this programme is directly transferable into the workplace, giving me confidence and developing my Leadership and Management skills.

The ability, for example, to apply a strategic management tool to an everyday problem in the workplace is something I would not have considered previously. Acquisition of a degree also increases your potential employability. Anyone considering undertaking the OBS undergraduate programme should ensure they have the ability to commit their time to studying, they will inevitably see the fruits of their labour in the near future.

You can also enrol on the OBS Undergraduate or Postgraduate Pathways, by clicking the link!

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