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The benefits of online learning for working adults

Online learning is revolutionising higher education for the working adult. Thanks to online learning degrees, working adults can now further their education with minimal impact on their current lifestyle.

Here are four advantages to online learning for adults.

An online learning degree provides a flexible study option for those with time commitments as students are given the freedom to study at their own convenience. Course materials are always accessible online which means that students can learn anytime and from anywhere. This allows students to fit studying around their personal schedule which is particularly ideal for those who need to balance work and family commitments.

Online learning allows the student to study at their own pace which puts them in control of their own learning path. A student can review content as many times as they need to which makes it easy to digest information. Students are free to submit work and take exams when they are ready so learning is a completely stress-free process. This makes online learning a suitable option for all types of learners.

Lower total costs
Online learning provides a more affordable pathway to education. Course fees are much more cost-efficient than traditional university study. There are usually no required course materials as the students are given access to these resources for free online. Associated costs are also minimal with no commuting costs to university classes or parking fees.

Career development
Online learning degrees have created opportunities for students to enhance their skill set and gain qualifications in a field of study which is great for those looking to advance or refocus their career. The courses have now become central to continuing professional development and give students an instant competitive advantage. Working adults find that the online courses make them better qualified for new roles which puts them in a strong position to increase their earning power.

Finding a quiet place to enhance your knowledge

Whilst the flexibility of online study is appealing, the idea of it being an isolating experience can often deter students from opting for the route of online learning. When traditional education promises a classroom filled with peers, UK online learning is sometimes presented as a lone student being confined to their computer screen. However, if proactive, online study can in fact be a more interactive experience than that of a classroom.

Integrate communication

Students can often find themselves missing the daily interaction with their peers, however, with the presence of online communities, this is now possible. Instructors often create groups across social media platforms where they post relevant material and also encourage interaction amongst students. This not only allows you to contact other students but helps to provide you with a support system. By aiding and facilitating each other, this role in an online community can emulate being in a classroom. It allows quick communication as well as being able to remain up-to-date with announcements and resources. Platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp make it possible for students to work together which can be helpful for students that find that they excel in groups.

Interact in real-time

Whilst these online communities help to bring people together and act as a source of encouragement throughout the student’s education, platforms such as Skype allow face-to-face interaction and can be especially useful when attempting to problem-solve or discuss a task. The development of such platforms has revolutionised online study by allowing direct contact with others. In a classroom, students often discuss assignments and sometimes work together to comprehend concepts which is something that can be difficult to convey through text across an online chat.

Working together also helps to spark new ideas and can be particularly helpful when one party may be struggling. However, real-time interaction allows students to emulate conversations that would take place in a classroom. Retaining this sense of community is important for UK online learning because students find that they do not want to continually be emailing instructors with questions but still require support.

Be creative

Whilst interacting with others can be helpful, it is often in the process of completing tasks or reading material that students may struggle the most. Without a person next to them that they can turn to for help, the process of writing out an email to an instructor can sometimes feel daunting. However, there are several other ways in which your learning experience can be interactive for example through participating in discussion boards. These allow student participation and discussion, which is similar to something that would take place in a classroom. However, student’s often find that they can be more open with ideas online than they would in a classroom because they do not have a time-constraint or are less concerned about their ideas not having validity. Discussion boards are often structured and allow students to think about and formulate their thoughts before sharing them. This not only helps them to hone their focus and thought process but also ensures that they are adding value to the discussion.

Education is often focused on the roles of student and teacher, where the position of other students is often overlooked. However, it is often this peer-to-peer interaction that contributes to a student’s learning because it is through gaining other perspectives that they sometimes make sense of their own understanding. Whilst online study may seemingly appear to be a solitary experience, it can in fact be more interactive and is therefore dependent on the student being proactive and seeking a role within an online community.

Online Education: A Young Person’s Retreat

For many of those searching for employment, having a degree can be the difference between getting a call back and being rejected. Similarly, with the cost of a traditional degree soaring, more and more students are flocking towards an online degree that can be obtained at a fraction of the cost. Of these students opting for online programmes, it seems that the majority of them tend to be at a younger age than previously expected.

What is the appeal of online study?

  • Put simply, online education providers have fewer overheads than traditional universities and can afford to put an incredibly low price tag for their courses. Lucy, currently studying a Business Management course with the Online Business School (OBS) states, ‘I was really keen to get a degree so as to open up my options for employment. Once I began looking at tuition fees, unfortunately I couldn’t afford it. However, with OBS, I will have the option to go on and achieve a degree in Business Management for no more than £5,000.’
  • Being able to access the material as and when required also plays a huge role in contributing to the rise of online education. Students need not rely on the pace of their course leader and the students around them to determine how quickly or slowly they progress. An online education means that students can manage their own learning based on their own availability.
  • Freedom to compare – Often in a classroom the set of notes a teacher provided would be the only source of information that a student has to refer from. With online education, a student can cross reference and compare different sources of information from all over the world as part of their study, creating a better understanding of that which they are learning.

Why does this attract younger students?

Younger students tend to have a greater online presence than their older counterparts. This can be down to social media where most of their hours are spent. With online courses having their material available in a similar format, it is a natural progression for younger students to flick between Instagram and their study material and back, with ease. The OBS in particular have an app that can be downloaded on many smart phones and tablet devices which makes studying more appealing.

The sheer nature of online study also draws in younger students. Study material can be accessed from home, whilst in bed or even whilst in transit. If a particularly busy weekend is coming up, students can devote the weekend beforehand to making sure they are on task and up to date. The appeal of not having to attend set class times at 9:00AM can be a welcoming thought and as recent reports suggest, a reality for thousands of students.

Courses available

There are many courses that are available online; IT and Business being at the forefront. With Online Business School, levels 4 and 5 in IT and Business can cost as little as £1000 ensuring that you always can get the career you aspire to have.

Online learning: How technology is encouraging learners to stay connected?

As we reach the middle of 2016 online learning is becoming more prominent with the popularity and access growing rapidly. There are many benefits that come from Online Learning please click here to see a previous blog of these benefits.

The rise in Online Learning is now appealing to large corporates. Corporates have started to introduce the scheme for their employees to start an online degree. Companies such as Starbucks have now started to offer this which allows  the company to retain employees throughout the completion of the course. The corporations hope that this will make their workplaces more attractive to employers and also aim is to help less skilled employees to gain a degree.

Online Learning has become the new way to gain your degree without all the costs and hassle associated with the traditional degree route. Online learning is a lot more flexible than a normal traditional degree. You don’t have to physically attend a lecture, you don’t have to battle that morning commute, there’s no having to go all the way into campus to hand in your work. Everything is done online including all lessons and all submissions.

Some students feel as though if they study online they won’t have any help and almost feel like they are alone. That is definitely not the case, and with OBS we make sure you are not alone in your journey. There is an interactive social forum which can be used to ask any questions to other students who are completing the same course.

Online Business School support is also available for students around the clock, if any student needs help with work they can request a one on one study session with a tutor at any time. This may help the student feel more comfortable and feel as though they are being assisted as much as they can be throughout their course. We also have our live chat facility on the website which is manned by the OBS team 24/7.

The Online Business School continues to grow daily, not only with the students enrolling with us, but with the technology we are making available to students. Online Business School try their best to give students everything they need to comfortably and successfully complete an Online Degree qualification. The release of the new App is an example of this, not only is this learning from ‘Home’, it’s now been made possible to learn on the move.

To download our app on iOS click here and for Android click here

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Why choose UK distance learning courses from OBS over others

We have many inquires as to why people should study with Online Business School, we have compiled a list of the positives as to why students should choose us over any other Online Learning provider. It was difficult to narrow this to just 5 but we have limited it down to what our students best love about us.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should choose OBS over others;

  1. Price – Online Business School offer one of the most affordable Distance Learning Courses worldwide with state of the art material and learning environment.
  2. OBS App – The OBS app gives the student complete freedom, once the lessons have been downloaded. They are free to view the lessons on the go which allows the student to study at their own convenience.
  1. Online study – From start to finish you complete your course online, this is an online university degree, you do not have to physically go anywhere for seminars or exams.
  2. Payment plans – Not only do Online Business School offer the cheapest online courses, we also offer payment plans. This allows the student to pay the course fees on a monthly basis rather than all upfront.
  3. Flexibility – You complete your online degree in your own time, you have the flexibility to choose when/where you want to study. This can be from the comfort of your own home or on your morning commute. There is no need to lose out on any income during the process of the course. This online course is not affecting your full time work in any way.


“The app has hugely helped with work, I can complete my lessons on the go, whenever or wherever I am. I tend to do my lessons on the train journey to work!”

– Aniysha Jaleoka (Kuala Lumper, Malaysia)

Online Business School are working day in day out to make sure our students receive the best quality courses from us. Not only just the best products but everything that comes with this for example the support from the team to our students, the live chat we hold on the the website and the forum online so students can communicate with one another.

This is why you should choose us.

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What are the main benefits of studying online?

Online Business School offers a complete degree for as little as £5000. OBS offer the first stages of a degree with a cost effective pathway to the final year. You can then “top up” at one of our partner Universities to complete the final part of the degree. This is by far the cheapest and most flexible way to gain a degree from a respected UK University.

Flexibility (Convenience)
Today, many students complain that they cannot afford to study full time at University as the cost is too high. However, it is important to note that when students study online with Online Business School, the overall fee is dramatically reduced and they have the flexibility to manage their own study schedule. So it is possible to continue working whilst working towards your qualification. You will save a lot of money, not only on the academic side of your studies, but also the living expenses associated with on campus study.

 Academic Support 24/7
With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, the Online Business School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.

 OBS App
Considering the rapid growth of mobile learning, OBS app has recently launched allowing users to access our resources and study anywhere. Most importantly, the app will create the best learning experience for the OBS students, enabling them to learn on the go.

Top UK University Pathways
With solely online learning for the first two years, this allows the student to study in their own time and continue working not losing out on any income. After two years the student will receive their diploma and then can choose to go onto their top up gaining their full qualification through online study or attend a UK university. Click here to see the University pathways offered by Online Business School.

Social Forum
Once you enrol onto an Online Business School course you will be able to communicate on the Social Forum with other students, helping each other with any problems or any questions you may have. You can gain advice from other students. This gives you the ability to express and see different views within the same topic.

Interactive bitesize modules
Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours. This allows the student to remain engaged within the learning process. This prevents learning becoming tedious, keeping the material fresh making sure we have activities and video footage within the modules. This is an online school without the long lecturers or seminars and giving students a lot of engaging exciting content

Available to all
OBS offer courses to people all over the world, from all different backgrounds. So this International Business School will allow the students to have an opportunity to study and sustain a qualification at an affordable price without having to come over to the UK.

Career Advancement
Students can study our courses whilst working, raising a family, or any other activity that might take up a lot of their time. This can then benefit students by progressing in their current work role once they have received the degree. It will also give a lot of opportunities to people who have a hectic life without having to go to study on campus each day. The students can also apply for more advanced jobs with their degree and begin the career they have always dreamed of.

More of a comfortable learning environment
A huge benefit of the Online Business School is that there are no physical lecturers or seminars. Students will not have to fight that morning commute, miss out on money from a job or miss any family commitments. Students can now study in the comfort of their own home – you can even sit there in your pyjamas completing the modules!