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Surprising benefits of online learning

Online learning has countless advantages, from its convenience and flexibility to making you a more self-disciplined and independent individual. However, there are also some surprising benefits that online learning can offer which are often overlooked.

Interactive. Although there is a great misconception about online learning being extremely isolating, it can in fact be more interactive than a conventional education. Students often spend more time interacting with their teachers online than they would have the opportunity to do in a classroom setting. They can also participate in and contribute to online discussions, allowing them to converse with other students and share concepts and ideas with one another. It encourages them to seek out other people and interact in a way that they would not do in the forced communication that classrooms require. Social media can also aid learning, for example teachers can create Facebook groups where they post relevant material or discussion topics.

Global networking. Online learning can introduce students to people across the globe, allowing them to be able to broaden their understanding of the global job market and comprehend and gain new perspectives. They can connect with instructors from all over the world which can later help them when working abroad or even communicating with clients overseas. Being able to gain this valuable insight into the industry can help to instil confidence in their own ability which is integral to success.

Learn differently. Aside from being able to learn remotely from the comfort of your own home, online learning also provides the luxury of being able to absorb information in different ways. A classroom setting often involves listening to the teacher talk at great length whilst students rush to take down indecipherable notes that will later serve no purpose. However, online learning can be done at one’s own pace and allows time to understand and absorb information before moving on. Students become their own teachers which can be revolutionary and help to improve grades.

Technological skills. Online learning requires students to navigate various software programs. For example, universities often use virtual learning tools such as Blackboard. Being able to utilise and become accustomed to new software can demonstrate to future employers that an individual can quickly learn and adapt to using new technologies. It can have a positive impact in the workplace when they are required to learn to use new programs.

Be creative. The flexibility offered with online learning is common knowledge, however it also forces students to be more creative with the way that they learn and also use their time. For example, they may find that they have a spare 30 minutes on the way to work and use the commute to watch instructional videos or take an online quiz. Online learning teaches students to be more productive they find more creative ways to maximise their time. This also teaches them to be more proactive.

Online learning allows students to maximise their education and acquire all the skills that are required to go on to prosper. In fact, even the mere act of partaking in an online degree and demonstrating the dedication to see it through can be perceived as a testament of one’s commitment. Online learning can offer more than a traditional education and it is therefore something that should always be considered as a viable option. It can provide students with a means of self-improving whilst gaining an education, which can go on to impact all areas of their lives.

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