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Stay in Education, don’t start your own firm, says TV Dragon Piers Linney

Fast becoming one of the most popular faces in the business industry, Piers Linney, a multimillionaire graduate from the University of Manchester gives Budding entrepreneurs some advice on how to break into the world of business.

Born in 1971 to a ‘mancunian working-class father who went to Cambridge’ and his mother a nurse, Piers had a relatively ‘normal’ upbringing.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Piers discussed the topic of ‘leaving education to start a business’. He goes on to talk about how the majority of people that start a business, especially those individuals that go on to raise money from investors to back their ideas, these kind of individuals tend to almost always have a background, a skill or they’ve done something, and actually all they really need is a helping hand to use that skill and create a business.

Piers also mentions the perception of the very few, often magnified by the media as being the norm, ‘left school at 16, and no qualifications’ millionaire. The advice given by the tech millionaire for would-be entrepreneurs is to stay in school, vocational training or finish off getting that degree thus allowing you to develop your skills so you have something to offer.

What are your thoughts on being successful? Is it luck? Is it a business mind you need? Or just a great idea? Get in touch with us with your views.

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