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Preparing for your exams – Revision Schedules

Before you start your exams you should always have a schedule intact beforehand, which will allow you to prepare yourself and will more than likely make you stick to your revision plan.

Revision shouldn’t be left to chance and shouldn’t just be left to the last minute The more work you put in the more reward you will get out. This will allow you to keep yourself motivated and boost your confidence for the challenge ahead.

With your revision plan you need to make sure that it is realistic. For example it is not feasible to say to yourself you will revise from 9am till 9pm with no breaks. On the other hand it is not beneficial only revising for half an hour a day for instance. You need to make sure each revision session counts and make sure they are all detailed. Once you know exactly what you will be revising in each session you will have a clear plan and improve your productivity. Some of the subjects you are revising may require a more time and effort put into them than others, so don’t be afraid to spend more time on one subject than another.

Once you know exactly what you need to revise you can create your revision timetable If you look at your exam timetable and your social calendar you can then work around this. If for example you have work at 9am realistically you most probably won’t have time for revision beforehand. Pick a date to start your revision, when planning your revision schedule and make sure you include your break. Breaks are very important as they will allow you to take all of the information in and keep your brain active. They will also allow you to de stress and keep hydrated and eat during your revision.

Once you’ve got your revision timetable together you need to make sure you stick to this, print it off and put it up so you can constantly keep checking and sticking to your plan. You should show your plan to your family and friends to make sure they can keep you on track!

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