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Mobile Learning: Revolutionising The Way You Learn


Why Mobile Learning?

In the recent years, there has been an evident shift from formal classroom-based learning to informal e-learning. Such transformation has been possible due to the flexible approach that mobile learning provides as a concept. In other words, when we talk about mobile learning positive perceptions like independence, empowerment and engagement spring to our minds. As a result, it gives learners the confidence to utilise information and learning materials from anywhere at any time. Gone are the days when learners used to be restricted to classroom and PC learning, now it is all about learning on the go!

Mobile Learning the Future of Education

Combining technology and education has proven to go a long way. For the reason that, we as humans tend to have a great tendency towards concepts which accomplish our needs with great ease. Taking this into account, mobile learning successfully accomplishes this, as an extensive number of learners are accepting the concept globally. Although, mobile learning is becoming one of the coolest educational trends, it is up to the learner how effectively they utilise the facilities of a learning app.

In terms of benefits, mobile learning is not far behind. Mobile Apps have the potential to change the way students perceive learning as a responsibility. For instance, by representing learning through an entertaining medium it would surely make learners more responsive to the chores of learning. Whether you need to view information or revise a topic before an exam, it’s all possible on the go with just a click of a finger. This theory of learning, automatically encourages just-in-time learning. In other words, it promotes active learning with a goal to meet the student needs, within a required time.

Furthermore, mobile learning apps are extremely helpful in demonstrating learner engagement experience at its best. For example, students have the opportunity to engage with lecturers and fellow students out of university working hours. So, in a way social interaction will enhance learning by making it more collaborative.

OBS & Mobile learning

Considering the rapid growth of mobile learning, OBS has expressed its desirability to adopt such concept for its students. The OBS app will be launching soon allowing users to access their resources and study anywhere. Most importantly, the app will create the best learning experience for our OBS students, enabling them to learn on the go with no hassles.

In conclusion, mobile learning will not only be a choice anymore, but a compulsive mode of learning to stay ahead. This is because technology is becoming a vital part of our lives, and mobile learning is not far behind to endorse the growing popularity.

What do you think about mobile education? Do you use your smart-phones to access content online? Feel free to share your opinions and experiences with us.


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