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How to impress in your interview  

Whether you are an experienced professional, a student or have had more than enough interviews before – it can always be beneficial to brush up on your interviewing techniques. Considering  one in three hiring managers admitted that they had made their decision on whether or not to hire someone within the first 90 seconds of meeting them.  When companies like the flat fee recruiters Hiring People post a job online, there could be hundreds if not thousands of people applying for the position, you’ve got to make sure you stand out from this crowd!

The way you converse with your possible future employer will be down to non-verbal actions that you make; these may consist of body language, eye contact or even your handshake. A mistake common amongst people being interviewed is that 67% of them fail to make eye contact; this can sometimes denote a lack of confidence which is undesirable. Make sure you greet your interviewer with eye contact.  Pressure can become a defining factor in your interview, it can cause people to fidget, use too many hand gestures, or even forget the simplest of things such as smiling. 38% of people actually do not smile during the interviewing process, 1 in 3 people fidget too much and 1 in 10 people use too many hand gestures. So before you enter your interview, keep in mind that your voice is not your only means of communication.

First impressions last. It is likely that potential employers will judge your appearance heavily – despite that being fair or not. It’s important that you emphasize the fact that over half (55%) of employers will judge potential employees by their appearance and how they walk. Bright colours are not recommended, as 70% of employers admit they do not want to employ someone that is too ‘trendy’. Moreover a staggering 38% of employers will also judge your voice, with the confidence, and grammar you use ranking among the most important thing to employers. Ensure that you get your views across in the most grammatical way possible. You should present yourself in a way that is appropriate for the role in hand, as employer from a small law firm and large supermarket will look for different things.

We asked Rebecca Hersey the HR Coordinator for a Kent Law Firm what she looked for first in an interviewee and she said “We want to see a commitment to achieving high standards, whatever level you’re at, for yourself and for the firm. That’s very important to us – a lot of our reputation is founded on our high standards and client service. The legal market is changing rapidly, the successful lawyer in today’s market has a long term interest in the client , not just the shorter term ‘matter’ so we look for a broad perspective early on in someone’s career”.

Some people just can’t articulate themselves well enough in interviews and trip up on questions such as “why did you leave your last job?” – Now although the reasons may be very confusing and there may be many meanings; try to keep this response succinct and to the point. Employers may otherwise get the sense that you are not over losing your last job. Confidence is key to assure them that you are ready for a new challenge, don’t forget to show some personality in the meeting – employers host interviews to get to know a little more about you. Therefore when you eliminate personality or sense of humour you have, you may not appear to be the right candidate. After all no one wants to employee a lifeless drone, employers want a team member not just an employee!

Another way you can impress future employers is with your past experiences and qualifications. Show that you have made the effort to go that one step further by gaining extra qualifications at undergraduate or postgraduate level. This will help illustrate you don’t just see this as a job but a career.

We also asked Jo Parry from an Intellectual Property law firm in London if she could offer any advice what would it be, and she replied “The one piece of advice I would offer to someone going for interview is to thoroughly research the company and – as far as you can – the people that are going to be interviewing you. If you’ve already considered how you’re going to fit into your new work environment and where you can add the most value, you’ve given yourself the best chance of interview success. “

To conclude; dress sensibly, be confident and choose your words carefully. Employers will take to you quickly if you show them that you want a new challenge, and that you can articulate yourself grammatically. Dressing sensibly is key; show your personality verbally, rather than through your fashion. If you stick to these basic rules your interviews are likely to be far more successful. Good Luck!

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