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How to balance your career and study online at the same time


Lessons and tips for completing a degree online amid a successful career

To be able to successfully complete an online education and work at the same time takes determination. With the right frame of mind there’s no doubt it can be done.

Your first step to ensure you complete your degree will be to make sure you are organised. Organisation can be achieved by:

  • Creating a timetable to prioritise your tasks
  • Being realistic with the time that you set
  • Making use of the reminder feature on your phone.

Creating a timetable to manage your tasks – this does not have to be an intensive task, you can even use the course layout of the modules to help you.

Being realistic with the time that you set – if you know you cannot concentrate for a full hour, break your study periods into smaller, manageable chunks.

Making use of the reminder feature – You know it’s there, but you’ve never used it. Schedule in a reminder for one or two evenings accompanied by your favourite sound.

With an online degree you have the benefit of being able to work from home and most importantly, at your own pace. There may be some days where you cannot fit any study time in at all. Fortunately, an online degree gives you the flexibility to catch up on your study during the weekend.  Particular sections of your course may require more time, thought and persistence so you could use the longer weekends to tackle these.

Lack of motivation

With all the flexibility and ease of use that online learning offers, you may find that at certain times your motivation is low. Not having to physically attend a classroom and have a lesson taught by a teacher could lead to a lack of urgency. To ensure this does not occur, you will need a willingness to learn and strong motivation. With the right drive and motivation, a degree with the Online Business School can be completed whilst you are still in full time employment, all for less than £5000!

If you are working while studying, the sheer effort it takes to achieve an online degree will definitely increase your potential to your employer. Be clear and open with your boss about your aspirations. Many online schools now have apps that you could use so you could easily fit in study time at the start or end of the working day or even during your lunch.

Gain practical experience immediately

Working as part of your online degree puts you in a unique position. Material that you may have studied the night before can be put into practise the very next day. which makes a far more valuable and memorable learning technique than simply reading from a section of text.

With Online Business School you can achieve a degree for far less than what you would be paying if you attended a traditional university. Sure, your social life may not be as vibrant however the end result of completing a degree will be worth so much more.

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