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How Online Students can save you money on Textbooks and Learning Material

Online Business School have extended their offer on E-Books until the end of the July 2016. If you enrol from now until then you will receive our E-Book library worth over £300 completely for free. The E books are based upon the module content of the Online Business School courses and are a valuable extra resource to aid your study.

As mentioned, OBS do have a number of different additional learning materials available for the students. OBS also offer pre-recorded webinars, small business programmes and one to one tuition. Many Universities will specifically instruct students to purchase certain books to benefit their studying. These text books will be expensive and a student is likely to only use them a couple of times. However with Online Business School we aim to provide all of the additional material at a low price and with more specialised information to the student’s needs.

Within the learning material there are lots of external links that guides students to relevant articles and content to aid their study. These free resources are there to help the students feel more confident and to learn about a certain subject in much more depth.

The OBS app will allow students to have access to the E-Books on their phone/Tablet. They can read these when they want and where they want. Current students can download the App Click Here for IPhone or Android.

Online Business School are also introducing ‘The Study Tribe’ app later this year which is a Student Social Forum. This app will enable students to talk to one another and help each other and discuss all aspects of business and working life. The app will be free to download and will also include a bank of resources and free material in all areas of business that can be used by all members.

By studying with Online Business School, it will give you access to a huge bank of extra resources that can be used, not only for your course, but in all areas of your working and professional life which can be re visited time and time again completely for free.

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