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How Online Learning works for everyone!

The Online Business School have recently interviewed four of their students, who don’t have the conventional work life balance.

We spoke to Max Milburn, 26, who recently lost both of his legs in a tragic accident, about how OBS have helped him gain the degree he wanted/needed. At first Max thought that he would have found it very “difficult” having to go into University. The commute would have been very distressing for him to do on a daily basis. When he saw that OBS were offering the same course online at the fraction of the cost and from the comfort of his own home, he was over the moon. Currently not working, he said it would not have been possible for him to afford the University fee’s, “OBS was the perfect option for me”.

Lisa Renolds 36, is a single Mother of 3. She heard about OBS from a friend and says OBS is “one of the best things to have happened to me”. With 3 children she never dreamed of getting a degree, but her dream has finally come true and she is currently half way through her studies. Once she completes her degree she can move into a career she never thought was possible and start giving more time to her children and working in an environment she loves.

67-Year-old Len Cary is a retired businessman who has been successful throughout his career. He has always said that before he dies ‘he wants to complete a degree’ qualification. OBS are making this happen for him. He can study in his own time and get that degree he has always wanted. Len admits he will not do anything with the degree, this is just an ambition he has always wanted to achieve.

The final student Online Business School interviewed is 22-Year-old full time employee Harry Winstow. Harry’s company is covering the cost of his course to help him progress within his career. Harry has told us he thinks this is an ‘amazing opportunity’ as he eventually walks away with a degree and can study after/ before work, on the go or at home. This is a win/win situation for Harry, once his degree has finished, he can go on to apply for better roles within his current company.

All four interviewees may all have different reasons for completing their degree but they all have the same outcome which is they all want to learn and they all want a degree. No matter what path you want to take or what background you come from Online Business School will help you achieve what you want!

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