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How M-learning will boost E-learning

Whilst the evolution of technology continues to impact and streamline the way that we carry out even the most meticulous daily tasks, it has also unnoticeably changed the face of education and the way that we consume and digest information. In fact, with the ever-changing nature of technology, society itself is continually shifting to accommodate it.

Our reliance on technological devices has quickly evolved into implementing and carving them into a means of gaining and seeking knowledge. Therefore, the revolution of both the learning and teaching processes was inevitable.

M-learning refers to mobile learning, comprised of a more social and interactive approach to education through the use of electronic devices. Through aiding institutions in creating a digital classroom, m-learning not only educates students but offers a more cost-effective route for both parties. With devices such as tablets accessible to all, the concept of education itself is presented as a more attainable goal, creating opportunities for those who may not have previously had the means.

How is m-learning helping to boost e-learning?

Mobile learning offers a more engaging and interactive means of gaining knowledge. When society itself is accustomed to digitalisation, people are more susceptible and open to the idea of learning online. In fact, education has shifted its focused to catering to the needs of the student and their learning experiences through altering and customising content. This not only enhances the student’s learning but ensures that they are gaining the most out of their education whilst being able to retain and fully absorb information.

It is easy for an individual to feel drowned in information, whereas mobile learning offers an alternative by providing content that is captivating and engaging. Whilst e-learning itself has quickly revolutionised education, it is often still perceived as a huge commitment whereas m-learning bridges this gap. It breaks information down and presents it in a more appealing manner. For example, an institution may utilise this through training their staff. When information is presented in an unconventional approach and manner, employees are more likely to excel and engage.

Advantages of m-learning

Cost effective. In an era where almost everyone has some type of technological device in their possession, it brings education to the student and simplifies the process of learning. Instead of having to purchase textbooks or travel to an institution for a class, m-learning eliminates this and thereby ensures that knowledge is available in a few simple clicks. This can be especially beneficial for institutions, for example when the management decide that they would like to train employees in a certain area. Instead of having to commit to enrolling them in a full university course, they have the option of using m-learning which not only educates staff but is overall a more cost-effective approach.

Flexible. With information accessible across multiple devices, information is available from anywhere in the world at any time. This not only opens up education to employees and students but also ensures that they are able to balance several commitments. For example, an employee is able to attend their full-time job and then return home to study without it impacting his or her work performance.

More appealing. With information being presented in a digestible form, it turns the concept of education itself into something that is more achievable. Some people are deterred by the idea of having to sit in a classroom and therefore disregard the idea of studying, however m-learning makes it possible to learn and gain information in different ways. For example, an employee is more likely to watch a few online videos on their phone than attend a physical class every week for a month. M-learning makes education more appealing to everyone.

Future of m-learning

With it quickly being implemented in the workplace and through educational institutions, there is the capacity for m-learning to continue to evolve. Its flexibility and alluring nature is more appealing to audiences and therefore it will continue to change e-learning and our approach to information. This will not only contribute to a more knowledgeable and well-educated society but will also help individuals with self-development.

M-learning is already being utilised in places such as museums and only looks to continue evolving and being utilised in other areas. With the growth of technology, the manner in which information is presented will continue to shift. In fact, one could argue that information is becoming dependent on technology and therefore its consumption will change as devices do. As factors such as having a shorter attention span become more prominent, education itself will continue to morph and change in accordance to technology.

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