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How We Can Improve the Future of Mobile Learning

When thinking of education, the most common image that springs to mind is a classroom with a blackboard accompanied by a teacher. Students are disengaged and learning is a slow and tedious process. With the introduction of online platforms, more and more learning is now being done online with thousands of students migrating to a flexible way of learning. On average there now 5 devices or more per household that are connected to the internet and each one of these can be a valuable learning tool.

Why study online

There are many reasons as to why you would choose to study online rather than attend a classroom based course. Our top few are listed below.

Ease of access

Studying online allows you to access your material quickly and easily without having to pore through pages and pages of study material. Online schools now have apps that are easily accessible from a laptop, tablet or mobile device that fit easily into any backpack or hand bag. Browse through your material whilst waiting for the bus or making your train journey home.

Review multiple sources

A quick google search can compare one topic against numerous other sources allowing you to get an informed overview of the material. If your learning style is more visual and you prefer video, you can use YouTube or any other video sharing platform to learn from. The Online Business School provide an online tuition service that is included with their courses so you can speak to an expert at a click of a button. Traditionally you would have to wait until the following day or until the next time your lecturer would be available. With OBS, there’s no waiting around.

Student interaction

There are benefits and drawbacks to not having a class of 50-60 students studying in the classroom alongside you. The most obvious benefit is that you get to study at your own pace without being distracted by what is happening in the row in front of you or behind. The disadvantage however, is that you do not have someone to bounce your ideas off of for that latest assignment or exam that is approaching. That’s why the Online Business School also includes a student forum where students can log in and share ideas with other like-minded students. Students who have studied your course before you may have come across the same query you have and made use of the forum to answer their question. There’s no time wasted and you can return to your work immediately.

Study with the Online Business School and find a way that is right for you. Online learning has a world of potential and if used in the right way, can pave the way for a successful career powered by learning suited to you.

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