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Five reasons why you should take an ESOL course

Current estimates suggest that 1.75 billion people around the world speak English, whether as their native tongue or as a foreign language. English is now spoken by a quarter of the world’s population – one in every four people. This number will continue to grow; the British Council forecasts that two billion people will be using or learning to use English by 2020. As the language has achieved such a global presence, there are hundreds of reasons to learn English.

ESOL refers to the provision of English for Speakers of Other Languages. Our online ESOL english course is designed for those who are looking to improve their use of and understanding of the English language. The course will enable learners to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. Learners will gain a nationally recognised qualification which will help them progress towards employment or further study.

Here are five good reasons to take an ESOL course.

  1. More job opportunities

English has become the language of international business, which means that the ability to speak English can open a wide range of new opportunities in your career. In an increasingly competitive job market, speaking English gives you an invaluable edge. If a company has an international reach, the ability to speak English is desirable. In a LinkedIn survey, 90% of HR Directors and CEOs responded that having English-speaking employees is beneficial to their businesses.

  1. You could potentially earn more

Those who have a fluent grip over the English language have a better chance of being able to increase their salary. According to research from the US, those who speak English as a second language can command a wage increase of up to 30%, while those who have mastered it can earn 67% more.

  1. Access to knowledge

English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism. If you learn English, you’ll be able to tap into the world’s intellectual resources and educate yourself further. English is also the language of the Internet; it has been estimated that around 55% of the world’s webpages are written in English. Learning English will give you access to a much wider choice of content.

  1. Access to higher education

English is widely regarded as the language of higher education; many universities now use English as a medium of instruction. If you want to study at an English-speaking institution, you’ll need to take an English test during the admissions process to prove that your level of English is appropriate for the demands of the academic environment.

  1. Easy travel

English is predominately the language used for international travel – although it may not be the language that is most commonly spoken in a particular country, chances are that English will be used as the basis for communication between speakers of different native languages. English is an important and useful language to know when you travel as instructions and safety instructions are commonly provided in English at airports, train stations, hotels and restaurants.

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