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The top 10 best foods to consume during exams

When it comes to exams, this is when the sugar and caffeine overload takes over, the unhealthy diet can be very negative on your body. Your stress levels will tend to be raised, you need to the healthy eating which is brain effective and easy to make. Not the easy option of the ready meals and cans of energy drinks.

We have come up with our favourite 10 foods to eat during exams:

  1. Breakfast as they say is the most important meal of the day, for this you should have high in energy food such as Oats/Porridge/Muesli this will start your day off perfectly, slowly releasing energy throughout the morning.
  2. Eggs are one of the most versatile food out there. One egg contains many nutrients, antioxidants and less than 100 calories. Eggs for breakfast will fill you up and contain vitamin B to help the boost your energy first thing.
  3. Stay hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can make you lose concentration, make you feel faint and take away your energy.
  4. Fruits are important during this period; your best fruits will be berries full of vitamin C which is proven to improve mental ability.
  5. Dried fruits for snacking are full of fibre, iron, potassium and anti-oxidants, which help with physical and mental energy. Preparing you for your exams.
  6. Coffee – this is not food but coffee will keep you alert. Please only have around 2 cups a day, never overdose on this. The smell of coffee will even perk you up!
  7. Vegetables boost your energy, which will have a massive impact on students when completing their exams.
  8. Fish – They call this brain food, having oily fish for dinner is very beneficial helping engage the brain. Eating this for dinner will allow you the to gain the nutrients you need to be ready for the next day!
  9. Dark chocolate, something I’m sure you are happy to see in this list. Dark chocolate lets in on those sweet cravings, preventing you from stocking up on sugars. Dark chocolate enhances focus and contain anti-oxidants.
  10. Nuts – Snacking on nuts with help you during this period, these are the good fats which we all need. Nuts help you keep the stress levels low.

You may feel that it’s easier to get a takeaway and drink your fizzy drinks to keep you awake. These 10 foods are proven to help you boost your energy give you the nutrients you need, benefiting you when your exams come. You can always go celebrate with a pizza after you have done your exams!

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