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What’s the secret to becoming a millionaire? …Get a Degree!

97% of all millionaires have a degree! According to the office of National Statistics, 1 in 5 graduates go on to have assets of more than £1million. In contrast only 3% of millionaires in the UK have no formal qualifications.

So what does this tell us? The figures reveal that education plays a fundamental part in becoming a millionaire. This will be good news to the ears of university deans, as getting a degree seems to pay off in the long run for the vast majority of students, albeit the ever increasing tuition fees.

Not all successful people have built business empires on the back of university qualifications, the minority 3% of millionaires without any form of higher education, often are the ones that receive more of the media spot light and go on to reinforce the fact that you don’t need a degree, they are the ones people aspire to be like, but are they just the lucky ones?

Check out the following article, which discusses education, millionaires and wealth distribution:

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