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What is a degree worth?


Many students, as they approach the end of their schooldays, see University as the logical next step – but why?

Every individual is different and, of course, the perception is that a degree will enhance your career options.  To some extent that’s true, but all degrees are not equal.  Unless you’re planning to specialise in the academic world, a degree in English Literature or Ancient History may not do much to enhance your career prospects.

A degree in the right subject can make a significant difference to your earning power and career path in the long term.  The statistics say that a good degree in the right subject can add £500K to your lifetime earning power.  It also improves your employability; when there is a choice between a candidate with a degree and one without, in most cases, the degree gives you an edge.

That’s the good news; the down side is that degrees that are best for your bank balance are on the science side – Civil engineering, Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Maths – from a recent survey.

However, if the technical and scientific side of things isn’t where you excel there are other options that can give you a strong future career.  Notably, first degrees and postgraduate degrees in Business and Management.

If you want to progress up the career ladder you will, inevitably, end up managing people.  As your responsibility for delivering results grows, so will your team.  Your specialist knowledge is important, but equally important will be your ability to plan to meet business objectives and then get the team on board to deliver.

So – yes, a degree is important – but it has to be the right degree to make a significant difference.  If you’re not planning a career in engineering, computing or thinking of becoming a mathematician, a business degree is an excellent way to add to your employability and future career options.

It demonstrates that you have an understanding of business structure and practice and will make you a much better manager.  That’s definitely likely to increase the likelihood of getting promoted – not to mention your ability to get results from your staff.

If your existing degree isn’t helping you to progress, then adding a postgraduate business degree could go a long way towards improving your longer term earning power.  It doesn’t mean going back to ‘school’ – in today’s world an online provider (like OBS) offer you the option of getting that all-important qualification at your own pace, without having to give up your salary.

Online Business School is at the forefront of online education. Based in Coventry, it is dedicated to helping Students from all corners of the world attain an undergraduate Degree or postgraduate MBA for less than £5000. With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, Online Business School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.



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