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We asked 10 Students what they loved about studying with Online Business School…

Online Business School asked 10 students from around the world what they loved about Online Business School, here is what they had to say…

Jamie Cunningham, UK – ‘I can access the learning material 24/7 wherever I am via the OBS Portal’

Joseph Antonio, UAE – ‘Myself and one of my friends are currently studying the Undergraduate pathway, It’s great as I can often ask him for help on activities I am struggling with or he is able to ask me for help that he requires’

Amin Khan, Pakistan – ‘All the Material is available as soon as you take enrolment, I can study at my own pace around my hectic working hours!’

Balraj Gupta, India – ‘One of the main reasons I have chosen to study with Online Business School is that I can do all of my assignments and assessments from home, I do not have to travel to examination centres’

Hank Xing, China – ‘My experience with OBS has been absolutely fantastic, especially as there is one-to-one tutor support available, and it costs less than £15!’

Pradeep Sandu, India – ‘I chose to study with Online Business School as the learning is very engaging, the end of lesson drag and drop activities along with the external links to videos and other interesting articles create an immersive learning experience, which I feel is important, as many distance learning courses can get very boring very quickly’

Melissa Redwood, UAE – ‘My reasons behind studying with Online Business School were mainly down to the real life work skills that it has taught me, using Real life examples as part of the theory work gave me a better understanding of how to apply the skills that i had learned, in the work place’

Gladys Ouwsu, Nigeria – ‘My experience so far with Online Business School has been absolutely fantastic, I enrolled when they had a special offer on, I received the 100 eBooks library free, this additional resource helped me build on my skills outside the work environment, such as my people skills and telephone manner etc’

Paul Kelly, UK – When I enrolled onto the OBS Level 5 (undergraduate) course I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the course as I was working it around a full time job. The site and material was very user friendly and then I also had a huge amount of additional resources available at my fingertips. OBS offer eBooks and additional one to one tutor support which was extremely helpful. If I was struggling with a certain area of study I knew that I could immediately talk to someone and guide me through the area I was struggling with. The chat forum was also very useful as I could communicate with other students and we all seemed to help each other. It was like a learning community which was a great feature’

Amrit Khadka, Nepal – ‘The biggest attraction to OBS was the price. I was very surprised and delighted to see that I could achieve a UK degree for less than £4000 and I also had a choice of Universities I could finish my final top up at’ 

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