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The importance of sleep during exams.

We have all been there when it comes to the exam period and staying up doing ‘all nighters’! As much as you think it will be beneficial to cram extra revision in, not having enough sleep can have a very negative effect on your body and mind. They say the best ‘food’ for the brain is sleep.

You need to allow yourself, 8-9 hours’ sleep every night. This will allow your brain to fully function the next day, your concentration levels will remain high and you will have more energy throughout the day. Many students think they can carry on with no or little sleep. It’s believed that those students who continue to deprive themselves of sleep can end up with insomnia, which in effect will cause long term problems.

There are lots of ways to overcome a lack of sleep and make sure you continue your revision successfully. Naps in the day seem to be very beneficial. Make sure that you only have a nap for around 30 minutes which will keep your brain active whilst you are revising! Its proven that studying in short periods works best. Allowing yourself to keep focused for hours and hours just doesn’t work and your brain will stop taking in information after a certain period of time. Taking a break every couple of hours will help you feel more engaged and energised once you go back to your work.

Preparation during exams are key so make sure you have a schedule. Make sure you give yourself a curfew for going to sleep and waking up. This can be most effective around the exam periods. Make sure you allow yourself enough time before going to sleep to wind down, turn off all electrical items and let your body slowly get ready to sleep. This is the same with waking up in the morning, allow yourself enough time to wake up properly and eat the correct breakfast food – see our previous blog on what the best foods to consume during exam time are.

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