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Discover your learning style!

Everyone has a different way of learning! This blog will help you discover what kind of learner you are, and will benefit you during this exam period.

Visual Learners

Visual learners find it easier to use visuals to revise. Visual learners should use diagrams, flow charts, spider diagrams etc. when revising. This helps them take in the information as visual learners feel that this way of learning is more memorable as they are using colours and pictures. This way of learning keeps the mind active, as you are creating diagrams and pictures which is keeping your brain engaged during revision. It also prevents boredom when revising, and should make your revision a lot more enjoyable and engaging.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners study better when they listen to information. They should discuss with classmates after lessons/seminars to get the most out of their revision. During lessons learners should record their session so they can go back and listen to it after, or they should record themselves talking about their course, which can reinforce learning. Reciting key points over and over again will also help auditory learners take in more information. Auditory learners also prefer to study in a quiet environment as they normally listen to themselves talking about the points or listening to someone else. Any interruption of sound will prevent them from taking the information in.

Kinaesthetic Learners

Kinaesthetic learners are those who learn by carrying out physical activities or by reconstructing a situation. These learners will always relate their studies to a certain situation so they will give a real life story behind it. This will help them remember and be able to re-enact or refer to a specific scenario in order to find the answers. Kinaesthetic learners like a hands on approach, for example using a computer to study which allows them to be more active. It would also benefit these learners to look at old exam papers and relate to the questions to help them with their revision.

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