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Why you should opt for Distance Learning

What is distance learning? Traditional education requires attendance to lectures and seminars, whereas distance learning allows you to gain an education through the internet. It is comprised of online classes but still requires you to take exams and complete assignments in order to assess your learning. However, it is more flexible and allows you to
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How to find the right online degree course

With countless online learning degrees available, choosing and committing to just one course can often be an overwhelming experience. However, there are some important factors that you should take into consideration before deciding, which not only helps to narrow down your choices but also ensures that you have taken everything into consideration. Although the process
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The future of online education: Online Education in 10 years

With the rapid progression of technology and its integration into our everyday lives, the prospect of it being used as a tool to aid education and learning was inevitable. There are now countless electronic devices available, from mobile phones to tablets, making it possible to access information wherever you are. This not only creates a
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How business education is reviving e-learning

As technology quickly progressed, it seemed more than likely for e-learning to replace traditional education. However, its initial reception did not go as planned and it is only in recent years that it has begun to thrive. By changing its approach to education, e-learning is now focusing on the way that content is being taught
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£300 OFF! In conjunction with Black Friday sweeping the UK Online Business School are offering £300 OFF ALL COURSE FEES on 25th November up until midnight. This will be a one day offer and from Saturday 26th November our new pricing structure will be in place across all courses. Our offer of a free Ipad is
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Student Discount Blog

The clothes show 15% off ticket prices, The Clothes Show Birmingham brings you best of fashion. Click Here to get this offer! Zizzi 30% off your total food bill every Monday & Tuesday, and 25% off your total food bill Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays! Lipsy 10% off all items, Click Here to view this offer now!
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How an Online IT diploma course can lead you onto your desired career path

In a world where technology is quickly becoming a fundamental part of our everyday lives, IT skills are more in demand than ever before, thereby increasing the popularity of computing courses. By providing you with in-depth industry knowledge, these courses help to deepen your understanding and teach you practical skills that you can go on
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OBS In The Press – Education Forum

 We are very proud to say Online Business School have featured in the Education Forum. If you would like to read the full article please Click Here.

OBS In The Press

Online Business School have been featured on Midlands Business News. Please Click Here for the full article.

OBS in The Press

Online Business School have been featured on Education Technology! To view the article full article please Click Here.