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Online Business School has partnered with GEMS to launch UK Undergraduate and Postgraduate qualifications in Iran

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Global Education Management Solutions (GEMS) which has enabled us to launch our online learning programmes in Iran.

Along with Undergraduate study programmes the Online Business School also provides affordable Postgraduate diploma courses with exclusive online modules fast tracking learners to a university qualification. All learning activities, materials and content are provided online using modern delivery models to make learning more engaging and cost-effective. On completion of a course, the student will gain university credits to then “top up” at one of OBS’s UK University partners, which include but are not limited to the University of Derby and University of Sunderland.

“We have been excited by the potential of the Iran student market for some time,” said John Holden, ‎Managing Director at Online Business School. “We know there are high quality students with first class education backgrounds and this linkage will allow students some great options to develop their skills.”

At Online Business School, we believe in making education accessible for all irrespective of where you are in the world. With online learning, there are no geographical limitations or time constraints as the programmes are always readily available on any online device. As such, we have delivered online university pathway programmes with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners from all corners of the world.

“This is a great opportunity for Iranians to obtain internationally recognised qualifications from world class institutions at a quarter of the cost of face-to-face delivery,” added Dr Amir Saadati, Executive Director of GEMS. “It is also a chance for Iranian academic institutions to partner with us in order to attract international students to their institutions, raising the profile of education in Iran.”

One such institution who has partnered with GEMS is Mojtama Fani Tehran, the largest private college network in Iran with over 70 branches across the country. “While international qualifications have many benefits, perhaps the greatest benefit to Iranian students is the fact they can obtain world class qualifications without leaving the country, giving them the ability to excel and better compete with other job applicants on a global scale,” commented Mr Ali Rahimifard, Managing Director of Mojtama Fani Tehran.

We are pleased that the Mojtama Fani Tehran college network has recognised the benefits of online learning not only for students but also institutions across Iran. “This golden opportunity provides Iranian students with up-to-date and internationally recognised university qualifications at a fraction of the cost and the accessibility to study at their own pace,” added Mr Mohammadreza Darabi, project leader at Mojtama Fani Tehran. “Mojtama Fani Tehran is very proud to be the first private sector institution able to offer these programs in the country and we hope can serve as a stepping stone for Iranians to further excel in their professional careers.”

Why opting for postgraduate management courses is a worthwhile option

Postgraduate management degrees seem to be increasing in popularity because they are designed to teach skills that make individuals more employable. When entering such a competitive job market, these courses can provide students with an advantage over other candidates. A postgraduate management course is more than just an education, it ensures that you gain the right knowledge and skills to succeed in all areas of life.

Benefits of a postgraduate diploma

It can often be difficult to maintain concentration in classes for mandatory modules that may not seem relevant to the areas that you wish to pursue. However, postgraduate diplomas in management offer students with the opportunity to tailor their courses by allowing them to pick the modules that best suit their needs. This ensures that you are pursuing topics of interest that will be beneficial for your career. It also makes education much more personal.

Studying for a online postgraduate diploma in business and management will help to sharpen and expand your knowledge by building on your existing qualifications. It will also allow you to demonstrate that you are able to offer valuable insight into the industry which can help you navigate through the workplace.

Why should you study online?

  • Be your own teacher. Sitting in a classroom and feeling overwhelmed by information that a teacher is telling you can often feel quite frustrating. In fact, a lot of time is wasted in trying to decipher notes and make sense of concepts and theories that were quickly glossed over in lectures. Online learning completely changes this by allowing you to be your own teacher.
  • Learn at your own pace. You have the opportunity to take your time and only move on from a concept when you have fully been able to grasp it. There is no pressure to quickly comprehend ideas and you have the time to absorb and make sense of information.
  • Learning can be more engaging. Online learning means that you will study through various techniques such as watching videos, reading online material and participating in quizzes. These activities will hold your attention and also make you more inclined to retain the information that you are absorbing.
  • Find out how you work best. By learning through various unconventional methods and teaching yourself, you will be able to determine the techniques that work best for you and this can be immensely beneficial later on in life. For example when participating in training within the workplace or going on to further study.

How will an online postgraduate diploma in Business and Management help your career?

Choosing to study online requires a level of dedication and self-discipline that are not present in conventional education. Online learning means that you must improve and perfect your time management skills and maximise productivity. These are highly valuable things that can be projected into your job and therefore lead to you acquiring more senior positions. It also demonstrates your commitment to continual self-development which is highly desirable to employers. This can be used as a driving force to help you progress further in your career. You will also be able to provide valuable insight which can give you a competitive edge when penned against other candidates.

Strategic Management – An Essential Skill

When you’re choosing a course of study to enhance your career there are many options to consider.  If full-time study is not an option, you’re left with part-time courses, distance learning, hybrid options such as the Open University or joining an online business school.

If you haven’t studied since you left full-time education you may be apprehensive about the amount of time required.  You could be concerned about how you’ll get on if left to your own self-management to complete your work on time.

The Holy Grail for managers is the MBA – but there are many people who set out on this journey and simply can’t keep up on their own.  Fitting your study around the demands of your current work and family can be really challenging.

Our recommendation is to start with smaller steps and work up.

If you already have a degree, or you’ve been a manager for a few years already, a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management is two thirds of the way to that MBA.  It gives you 120 credits – and your MBA is just another 60 credits away, all of which could be achieved with your dissertation.

If you study through our Online Business School system you’ll be able to work at your own pace – there is no ‘term’ or ‘semester’ to complete.  This is great for working people who have to juggle work, study and family commitments.

How does online tutoring work?

A level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management programme consists of 30 modules – plus eight written assignments. How you tackle them is entirely up to you.

You get access to all the modules and you can complete them in the order you prefer – and you’re not on your own, there’s 24/7 support, tutoring and more to help you succeed.

Each module consists of core learning of 40 hours, supplemented with up to 50 optional hours of additional reading, internet resources, self-tests and exercises – to help deepen your understanding of the subject.  It doesn’t matter how long you take to complete each module – with online learning there are no deadlines.

This means you choose the order to complete your modules and whether to study more than one at a time.  You also choose how much support you need – all you need is a broadband connection to get access to a tutor whether you’re studying during your lunchbreak, at the crack of dawn or in the wee small hours!

Your qualification can be upgraded to an MBA when you’re ready, either on campus or online – the choice is yours!

Online Business School is at the forefront of online education. Based in Coventry, it is dedicated to helping Students from all corners of the world attain an undergraduate Degree or postgraduate MBA for less than £5000. With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, Online Business School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.