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“OBS offers a good opportunity for interactivity and is highly recommendable!!!”
Waqar Khan,

“I found the OBS modules to be a valuable learning tool, easy to use and very well presented. Forums are always busy and have a depth of new information available”
Francois Antoine,

“OBS is very relevant to what I do. It is easy to access, it covers all learning outcomes in great detail; the forums keep me up to date with the developments we see in the business world and if I need help it’s the first place I look!”
John Wilkinson,
Risk Manager

“An excellent learning programme, for new staff and non-specialists as well as more experienced staff who want information on specific business areas or topics. We particularly like Managing in today’s world module.”
Mike Donald,
Finance Associate

“Perfect for our requirements. Clearly presented and nicely written with the right amount of coverage of each topic.”
Mary Lovatt,
Information Development

“OBS has impressive in-depth material. I use it regularly and it is ideal for refreshing one’s knowledge and to make the most out of the quality interactive elements for testing oneself”
James Robertso, Head of Distribution

“Super performance: flexible system offering fast and easy access to a wealth of business information related modules.”
Susanne Ruoff,
International Business Management Director

“I love OBS! I can study around my daily life, without worrying about deadlines, I can take assessments in the comfort of my own home at a time that suits me!”
Jay Litto,

“A Fantastic way to gain entry into some of the best universities in the UK. Thank you OBS!”
Andy Kennedy,
International Business Student

“I didn’t think an academic online learning course could be so interesting, I can learn at my leisure and take the assessments when I feel I am ready! It’s a lot cheaper than being at university too!”
Norman Sparks,
International Investment Student

“Useful professional help; OBS provides an effective and stimulating way for learning and improving financial and business knowledge.”
Marius Bailey,
Business Student

“Our Students found OBS modules to be comprehensive and liked the way it was structured, enabling them to drill down into the mechanics of certain topics in order to gain a better understanding. It covers the important theory and has worked examples. Overall we are very impressed with the whole OBS package.”
Chris Thompson,
College Admissions Deputy

“Excellent self-paced learning tool… I’m using it extensively to prepare myself for professional exams in finance”.
Tan Siew Gan,
Senior Audit Manager

“Really impressed with OBS, from start to finish, the material was in depth and very easy to understand, when I needed help the forums were useful as it enabled me to interact with my peers”
Ajit Simha,

“Tutorials are brilliant, tutors are very knowledgeable and even go over the prescribed time to make sure all aspects of my problems are covered. I would definitely recommend OBS to anyone wanting to further their Business career.”
Adam Wood,