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Other Development Products and Programmes

Personalise your study with our flexible module packages.

Keeping study entirely flexible, learners can purchase a selection of modules on a range of specific subjects for personal development. It is important to understand that all modules in the various programmes need not be purchased together or at the same time, modules can be studied as decided by the student. This gives learners the opportunity to develop their own bespoke learning programme by choosing a selection of modules.

Our modules are self contained educational programmes dedicated to teaching a specific range of skills, the modules are also designed to articulate against QCF learning outcomes and thereby University progression routes. However the modules are also written against skills based outcomes which can be used as personal development programmes in specific areas. In this case the assessments do not need to be taken and the modules are therefore used purely as personal improvement programmes.

Personal Development Products and Programmes

  • Lifelines. A programme designed to improve all aspects of work/life balance and provide training and exercise in areas of stress management, relationship management and personal performance management.
  • SkillBytes. A series of short self learning manuals around the areas of management skills.
  • Skills Builders. A series of workbooks to aid self learning in a wide range of subject areas.
  • Building a Business. This programme covers all aspects of starting and building a business.
  • Management Videos.A collection of business orientated videos giving an insight into specific business management topics.