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Learner Journey

Whether you want to improve your skills, increase your chances of employment or further your professional qualifications, Online Business School has a variety of distance learning courses to suit you.

Our online Business Management, Hotel and Hospitality, and Computing courses will help you obtain a UK Diploma, which is recognised by employers and approved by OFQUAL, the UK Government Higher Education regulating body.

These Diploma’s can then be used as progression onto completion of a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses, at an accredited UK or overseas university

  • Study the
    Course Modules

  • Complete Online
    Multiple Choice tests and written assignments

  • Receive Your
    Certificate and University Credits

  • Top up your
    qualifications and Earn a BA Degree or MBA

Your Degree or MBA will be awarded to you by the University you complete your final year with. We currently partner with UK universities,who accept the OFQUAL credits awarded from studying our courses.