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Wajihullah has just graduated from Level 7 Business Strategic Management course and he would like to share his experience with other students that might be interested in the same course.

Why did you choose to study with Online Business School?

It was affordable, and the response from the staff was always prompt and supportive.

How would you describe your experience of studying with Online Business School?

It was wonderful experience with OBS overall, and the support of their staff is very good. Although I would advise them to have someone available on Skype to talk to students if possible.

What did you like the most about the course with Online Business School?

Staff responds to our problems pretty quickly, teachers are quite good and explain the shortcomings in the assignments quite well, and most of all, its affordable and the re-checking charges of papers have been removed altogether. So students can get their papers checked multiple times to get the pass, without any extra payment.

Do you have any advice for current or prospective students?

My humble advice would be to attempt the assignments one by one and get the feedback from teachers first, rather than trying to attempt all assignments at a time. Secondly, the project management approach if applied to these assignments ( breaking down each assignment into smaller parts and then assembling it all at the end) .

What are your plans now?

I’m planning to move onto MBA top-up and then PhD in Business Economics or Sustainable Development. This degree will also help me migrate to other countries for better opportunities.


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