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Personal Development

Online Business School realises learning is a lifelong process. OBS offers the following short personal development courses to help develop and enhance a range of skills.


Lifelines is a 5 module work/life balance programme. It contains practical advice and useful exercises to improve your health and well being and also proven processes that teach you how to handle stress in your life, relationships with those around you and how to improve the overall quality of your life both inside and outside of work.

Small Business Programmes

The Small Business Programme is a guide for anyone who is looking to establish and build their own business. It comes in modular format covering areas such as developing your business plan, financing your start up business and marketing your ideas. There are easy to follow tips and advice that will act as support in learning how to manage and grow a start up business.

Skillbytes – The Managers E-books

These books are simple to follow outlines of specific areas of business and management. Each one being around 100 pages, they create step by step understanding of various concepts in an easy to follow step by step format and by the end of each book learners will have gained insight in each area and also the context within broader business.

Skillbuilders – The Managers Workbooks

These workbooks cover defined areas of business and management and are a useful learning resource as they contain specific tests, exercises and progress checks to the learning and understanding of key areas of business. Each workbook represents around 40 hours of learning and gives learners the opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills in those areas.

Video Learning Library

The Video Learning library comprises a series of 1 hour formal lectures in specific areas of business and management delivered by qualified lecturing staff. They are structured to present an oversight in areas that impact generally in management and business and are designed to broaden the perspectives of management by illustrating how various strands interact and become interdependent.