Provide your Employees with an online learning platform to improve their skills and knowledge

Retain and train your employees with our online learning portal where your employees can login and learn at any time, studying modules and areas related to your business…. It will also work them towards a UK University qualification.

Pick Ofqual accredited Modules and Courses for your staff to study via the Online Learning portal
Prices start from £299 per month for unlimited access to the platform

University pathway programmes that can be studied anywhere, at anytime.

Reduce your Company training costs and improve employee performance

  • 24/7 access to learning material for your employees
  • Interactive videos, multiple choice tests and simulation exercises included.
  • Pick and choose which modules your employees study , which are relevant to your own business.

The Benefits of partnering with Online Business School:

  • 24/7 access to the learning portal for employees. They can study and access the material as and when they want.
  • Over 100 Ofqual rated modules to choose in a variety of subjects.
  • Android and IOS app available in Company brand.
  • Interactive videos and multiple choice tests all included.
  • FREE English Language course provided for all employees.
  • An optional Social Learning Platform allows employees to interact with each other, improving engagement.
  • Online Business School is responsible for all quality assurance and maintenance of the portal.
  • Certificate of completion awarded for each and every module completed, created automatically in the Company brand by the portal.
  • Online Business School branding will not appear anywhere on the portal.
  • A simple one off monthly fee with no hidden or extra costs for unlimited use of the portal and material.
  • An excellent way to develop your employees skills that are relevant to your own business.
  • Employees can decide to continue on to a full UK degree qualification on completion of the modules. This is a good way to retain good quality employees.
  • Reduce costly out of office training days.

Live tutor webinars for your employees

We will provide an hourly weekly webinar for your employees by one of our University academics, which can relate to both the modules your employees are studying and your Company profile. This keeps your employees focused and engaged and can also improve the productivity and efficiency of the Company as a whole. These can be viewed live or watched at a later date.

Academic Courses

Affordable Distance Learning Courses at Online Business School

Short Courses

Short vocational courses to boost your career prospects

Features of the Portal

World class education

Let your employees study UK OFQUAL recognised modules in your Company brand, with everything you need to deliver the modules at your fingertips.

University Accredited Modules and Courses

All of the modules and courses can be tailored to a package that is relevant to your own business and employees. Employees can study a full course giving them a diploma qualification and credits towards a University degree.

Optional Social learning platform

This allows employees to interact with each other outside of the classroom. It can lead to an improvement in workplace productivity and helps create new ideas and methods for a Company. This feature is optional.

Achieve UK qualifications

After your employees have studied the modules on the platform they then have the option of writing additional assignments, set by an Ofqual awarding organisation, to achieve a full UK degree qualification. This is at an additional fee but is a very good way of retaining and training employees. They can achieve a UK degree very flexibly whilst they work and of course at a much lower price.


Free training for academic and IT support staff is provided by Online Business School so the Company can utilise and monitor the system to the benefit of their Company.

Single fee

We charge a flat fee. There are no extra fees per student or any additional costs.

Free English Language Course

Your Company has access to our suite of English language modules, ranging from entry level to IELTS level 6.5.