Complete Programme Packages

Undergraduate level 4/5 includes 20 modules, assesments and final assignments


Student may enrol for Level 4 for £595 and on completion, follow on with Level 5 for a further £595 10 modules and 8 assignments at each level

Undergraduate level 6 includes 10 modules, assesments and final assignments

£360 Coming soon

Single payment

Postgraduate level 7 includes 30 modules, 30 assesments and 8 final assignments


Payment can be split into two installments-

  • £600 for all 30 modules.
  • £450 for ainal assignments- payable on completion of modules.

Short Courses

Lifelines 5 ebook editions Lifelines is a 5 module work life balance programme On how to improve the overall quality of your life both inside and outside of work


Small Business Programme The Small Business Programme is a guide for anyone who is looking to establish and build their own business



Skill Builders Each workbook represents approximately 40 hours learning and gives learners the oppertunity to develop specific knowledge and skills in business and management

£5 each

OR £100 FOR COMPLETE LIBRARY ( 40 eBooks )

Skill Bytes These books are simple to follow, each one being around 100 pages, they create a step by step understanding of various business and management concept.

£5 each

OR £150 FOR COMPLETE LIBRARY ( 103 eBooks )

Students can also purchase

  • Tutor support
    Short courses
  • webinars and Webcasts
    Management videos
  • Learning support Ebooks
    Individual Modules

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