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Distance Learning Degree : The chance to acquire valuable skills at your own pace.

Growth occurs throughout life; in the physical and mental sense and what better way to keep growing than to learn? To choose to do a degree at a later stage in life can lead to a degree of better value. Having lived and worked in a particular field or even having moved between professions means a varied experience has been had and you have better knowledge of what you excel in. With so much focus placed on ensuring users are comfortable with the digital aspect of a company, you can often lose sight of the real world skills that are crucial in the day to day. That’s why a distance learning degree that combines real world skills with technical knowledge could be the perfect fit.

An important step in commencing a distance learning degree is to choose the school that provides the degree. This can take time and will require research so will definitely not be a spur of the moment decision. A good online school will be one that:

  1. Is an accredited course provider
  2. Provides a descriptive course outline
  3. Details what is required of you.

Following the guidelines set above and picking a good quality provider with a good reputation ensures that your study is worth your while. Reading up on all the material available to you before commencing the course is also a good idea, since this will mean there will be no surprises once you are perhaps two modules in. A distance learning degree will more than likely mean you cannot make a complaint in person so it is best you have read up on what you can before making the commitment.

Completing a distance learning degree online as opposed to a traditional university can also have its advantages, especially when time is a commodity. You can have access to the entire course’s materials from the moment that you sign up to a distance learning degree. This means that rather than being drip fed the course by a lecturer or teacher, your degree can be taken at the pace you decide. According to the Online Business School (OBS), students seem more committed knowing they can immediately progress onto the next module once the current one is completed. Travel need not be factored in either since all learning can occur from home or any location you prefer. All the time saved not being stuck on public transport or in traffic can be spent revising an extra module.  In addition to this OBS provide 24 hour support and a student forum that ensures students get all the experience of being at a traditional university at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose UK distance learning courses from OBS over others

We have many inquires as to why people should study with Online Business School, we have compiled a list of the positives as to why students should choose us over any other Online Learning provider. It was difficult to narrow this to just 5 but we have limited it down to what our students best love about us.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should choose OBS over others;

  1. Price – Online Business School offer one of the most affordable Distance Learning Courses worldwide with state of the art material and learning environment.
  2. OBS App – The OBS app gives the student complete freedom, once the lessons have been downloaded. They are free to view the lessons on the go which allows the student to study at their own convenience.
  1. Online study – From start to finish you complete your course online, this is an online university degree, you do not have to physically go anywhere for seminars or exams.
  2. Payment plans – Not only do Online Business School offer the cheapest online courses, we also offer payment plans. This allows the student to pay the course fees on a monthly basis rather than all upfront.
  3. Flexibility – You complete your online degree in your own time, you have the flexibility to choose when/where you want to study. This can be from the comfort of your own home or on your morning commute. There is no need to lose out on any income during the process of the course. This online course is not affecting your full time work in any way.


“The app has hugely helped with work, I can complete my lessons on the go, whenever or wherever I am. I tend to do my lessons on the train journey to work!”

– Aniysha Jaleoka (Kuala Lumper, Malaysia)

Online Business School are working day in day out to make sure our students receive the best quality courses from us. Not only just the best products but everything that comes with this for example the support from the team to our students, the live chat we hold on the the website and the forum online so students can communicate with one another.

This is why you should choose us.

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