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An online degree/MBA qualification, will it enhance your career?

In this ever increasing world of people bettering themselves and striving to gain a promotion at work, it is becoming evident that more individuals are turning to Online Degrees/MBA qualifications.

The importance of such courses is, they allow individuals to study Online and have affordable fees, hence allowing them to fit study around work and home whilst still being able to continue earning.  Being able to continue your studies at any point in life is essential if you wish to climb the ever growing career ladder.

So how can an online degree/MBA qualification enhance your career?

With Online degree/MBA programmes you study at your own pace, you do not have to attend any classroom sessions or sit any exams – everything is online based.  The advantages therefore being that individuals can study and relate their working environment to their studies.

These type of qualifications also give the individual an opportunity to improve their career opportunities, move them forward, broaden the management toolkit giving them a stronger profile and enhancing career opportunities.

More and more organisations are now recognising how beneficial online programmes are both to them and their employees.  The freedom of study is greatly welcomed by a vast amount of said organisations.

The case study below is from a mature student who realised that to gain her dream job she needed to be able to study and work at the same time.

“Since starting my current job I wanted to further my career within the organisation and the only way to do this was to be able to study whilst still working.

Looking into many different types of study options, it became very clear that the only way forward for me was online study.  The online learning classroom app from Online Business School on my smartphone was wonderful, being able to complete tests and assingments any time of the day, night, on the train and even in my lunch break using my phone.

Having access to online support also helped me greatly and being able to chat with other individuals also on the same programme helped greatly.  Within 12 months of starting my online MBA pathway programme, I had completed and passed all modules and assessments.  This has now gained me a full MBA qualification and further promotion at work!

If the option of online study had not be available to me then I would not have been able to complete my qualification, Online study is an option I would recommend to anyone, especially with it being so flexible.”

Are Online MBA Degrees Good Value? 3 Reasons to Study for an MBA Online

In this ever increasing technological world, having a limited time to study isn’t a big factor like in years gone by. As long as you have the self-discipline and motivation to study then you can now achieve your academic goals all via distance learning. An online MBA qualification is one of the most popular degrees around the world as it offers you a large amount of job opportunities and business skills. Today, getting an online MBA degree has become more desirable as the learning quality and acceptance in certain industries has become more mainstream. Here are the 3 best reasons for you to study for an MBA online:

1. MBA Guarantees Fantastic job Opportunities

Even if you’re just entering the job market all top companies will be looking for candidates with an MBA qualification. An accredited online MBA degree can make you stand out from hundreds of other candidates and give you an edge over your peers. So if you have done an online MBA degree from a well know and well respected organisation then this will enhance your job prospects and increase your earning potential in your job.

2. Availability of Accredited Online MBA Programs

In todays world of online courses it can be a minefield in knowing what courses are legitimate or not. However, there are still many accredited online affordable MBA programmes offered by many popular and officially accredited institutions that offer very flexible and cost effective top quality online learning. Online Business School is a good example of one of these organisations that offer students from all over the world the opportunity to study at their own pace and in any location in the world. OBS have revolutionised online learning and are the perfect way to obtain an online qualification even working it around your full time job.

3. Work Full-Time around your study

Today, many students complain that they cannot afford to study for an MBA as the cost is high as opposed to other academic courses. However, it is important to note that when students study online, the overall fee is dramatically reduced and they have the flexibility to manage their own study schedule. So it is possible to continue your full time study whilst working towards your qualification. You will save a lot of money, not only on the academic side of your studies, but also the living expenses associated with on campus study.

If you feel an online MBA in Business is right for you then a course from Online Business School could be the right path for you.